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Bug Off! How to Keep Bugs at Bay

To repel bugs, you need to know about two chemicals: DEET and permethrin. Here's which chemical to use for which insect.

Tickborne Allergen Causes Reactions to Deer Meat

A tickborne condition can change your life as a deer hunter forever -- and not in the way that you might think.

The Best Ways to Avoid Ticks

Ticks are a significant pest through summer and into fall. Don't miss our tips on how to avoid these nasty, biting bugs.

The World’s Smallest Whitetail Predator [VIDEO]

Ticks are a predator of whitetail deer and a source of disease to humans. See this video to find out how you can protect yourself against tick infections.

Field Test: ElimiTick Camo from Gamehide

Lyme's disease is serious business. This new fabric repels ticks with the natural fragrance of chrysanthemum. We put this gear through the ringer; will it come up smelling like roses?

6 Tips for Bug-Proofing Your Hunt

Lyme's disease has surpassed AIDS as the leading infectious disease in the United States and costs Americans nearly $1 billion per year. Worse yet,...

Repel Ticks and Chiggers with This Old-School Trick

If you're outside this season, you're at risk for chigger and tick bites. This old-school remedy will help protect you.