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Bear Tries to Eat iPad [VIDEO]

Watch as a black bear, perhaps woozy on DUI relaxant, tries to abscond with an iPad.

How to Fish the Z-Man ChatterBait [VIDEO]

Get an action-packed look at the Z-Man ChatterBait. Is this the bait for your next outing?

The A-lure-ing Work of Grant Koppers

I recently had a discussion with an angler. She was a lady who came out on one of my charter trips. In between stops...

5 Killer Lure Mods

Short of creating your own lure from scratch, tweaking a lure is a way of truly personalizing that prize catch. Here's a roundup of five modifications with proven results.

The Best New Jigs on the Market

The fishing tackle companies have invested millions of dollars in perfecting artificial lures that attract more than fishermen...they catch fish, too! While they can be expensive, some of these new jigs (and associated gear) are worth exploring.

5 Awesome Tackle Tweaks

Anglers nationwide offer their five favorite bass lure tweaks. Is yours on the list? Find out.

Two Lures to Catch Springtime Walleyes

A new tactic proves effective for enticing Great Lakes walleyes.

What Fishing Gear Should You Pack?

A couple years ago, I made a trip to the East Cape of Baja California Sur (Mexico). It was my first trip there, but...

Tricked-Out Ice Fishing Lures

Find out how to trick out your ice fishing lures to increase your catch.

Another Big One Gets Away

It happens that way sometimes! A bass followed the lure, came up from the depths at the last minute, and slashed at it right next to the boat without getting a hold of it. It was one of those days...