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Watch as an alligator takes down a wild hog. Warning: This video is not for the squeamish. But that's life on the bayou for ya.

A fishing captain recounts a story where the tuna were so fired up, they were biting on baby carrots! You have to read it to believe it!

After Hurricane Katrina, a two-mile concrete wall was erected at the junction of two New Orleans waterways in an attempt to ensure the city's safety in the event of a similar event. Find out how this wall has affected local fishing.

Hot on a tip of some fresh dope, a Louisiana fishing boat capatain was on his way to a new spot when he encountered some really fishy conditions. Find out how he did in this impressive tale.

A charter boat captain out of Venice, Louisiana, was trying to put his clients on yellowfin tuna when a monster mako made its appearance. Find out what happened next.

If you have the opportunity to go fishing in Lousiana, the jack crevalle needs to be at the top of your wish list. Find out why.

If redfish is your target fish, you'll want to read this article to learn of a hotspot to catch a monster reds.

One seasoned angler has a special bait for catching big specks. Find out what he uses to catch his trophy fish.

Will wild hogs rival deer as your state's number one big-game animal? Sounds crazy, but it's happening.

Combine a protective mother bull shark and a lake full of swimmers and you have a dangerous situation, as one unfortunate swimmer found out.