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When Prey Fights Back [VIDEO]

Watch as these predators meet their match.

When Wild Animals Attack [VIDEO]

Forget what you see in animation, where animals of all types get along. The real world isn't so tranquil. Watch the real nature show in this unexpurgated video.

Buffalo Protect Each Other from Lions [VIDEO]

Watch these buffalo step in to protect one of their own from attacking lions.

Hyenas Fight Lions Over a Kill [VIDEO]

Watch this battle between lions and hyenas. Place your bets!

Lions Devour Kudu in Front of Startled Tourists [VIDEO]

Watch as hunting lions take down a kudu in an African park filled with shocked tourists.

British Family on Safari Caught Between Burning Car and Lions [VIDEO]

While driving through the lion section of a safari park, a family's car catches on fire and the smoke attracts the attention of the lions. As the giant cats approach, what can the family do? Watch the amazing video.

Kill or Be Killed in Africa

The uncertainty of hunting is part of its appeal. We've all felt a chill when a pack of coyotes howls in the darkness, or...

Saving Lions by Killing Them

The link between hunting and conservation can be difficult to explain, yet the survival of the African lion may lie in the hands of hunters. Read the full story.