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What do you do when a thirsty leopard stops just feet away from you to take a drink? The slightest whisper could have sent it running or even charging. See this amazing real-life footage.

Watch as a dead zebra sprays a fountain of blood over a leopard ready to dive into a free lunch.

Hunters become the hunted when a pissed off leopard attacks their safari truck, almost getting close enough to rip them to pieces.

Ever wanted to see a leopard stalking prey? The shots in that video almost look fake at times, but the incredible view that had never been witnessed in such clarity before brings new light to the mystique of the leopard.

An African leopard is one of the most dangerous animals in the world. Imagine if one looked into your blind just as you looked out. That's just what happens in this first-person video.

The Safari Club International convention in Las Vegas is the best celebration of hunting in the world. Sure, it's a great place to meet...