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Eva Shockey Launches New Bow

The Shockeys (both father and daughter) drew a big crowd at the most recent ATA Show, as Eva announced the a new product launch. Get all the details here.

Yes Virginia, You Can Hunt Reindeer in Alaska

Free-roaming reindeer can be found in the Aleutian Islands of Alaska and make for a most unusual hunt. And no, you won't wind up on the "naughty" list for doing it. Get all the details here.

Crosman Renews Partnership with Jim Shockey

Crosman Corporation, long known for creating innovative, high quality products for the shooting sports, announces the renewal of a multi-year endorsement partnership with professional...

Jim Shockey’s Favorite Center-Fire Bullets

You can bet that the best bullet to use on Jim Shockey's hunts is a common topic of discussion. Hear his no-holds-barred opinion.