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A relative of the piranhas with a mythical taste for human flesh was recently found in a New Jersey lake. What does this mean for local species?

Why did Florida anglers recently remove nearly 600 lionfish from local waters? The answer may surprise you.

Endangered-species policy, climate change, animal-rights activists, and declining funding are all serious issues facing the fishing industry. Here are the top five threats that will have the biggest impact on bass fishing across North America in the next decade.

Lionfish are thought not to have any natural predators, due to the poisonous spines that surround them. Or at least that was the thinking until recently captured this amazing footage. Check it out.

Find out what one group of Florida anglers is doing to benefit the artificial reef-building effort.

Pennsylvania's Hawk Mountain Sanctuary is experimenting with introducing goat into the wild to eat invasive species. Find out how the plan is working out.

A sixth-grader recently came upon something new about an invasive species in Florida. Find out what she discovered.

The Northern Snakehead fish is threatening the native species of the Potomac River. A new tournament aims to remove the species from the area. Read about how the first year's installment played out.

Get a closer look at some of the big issues we face affecting the future of fishing.

The key to controlling invasive species is early detection and swift action on the part of landowners.