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Deer Hunting in Illinois

Ever wanted to hunt deer in Illinois? Here's a quick summary of the state's potential.

Two Bucks Locked Together Freed by Hunter [VIDEO]

This buck may have been happy to be released, but he had a weird way of showing it.

How to Store Your Guns for Next Deer Season [VIDEO]

You want to keep your guns in primo condition for next year's hunt, don't you? Then you'd better know how to properly store them. Here's a primer for those looking for a refresher.

Illinois Hunters Make Deer Season One for the Record Books

Illinois hunters had a banner year, taking 10,000 more animals this year than last.

American Bison Roam Again in Illinois

The U.S. Forest Service’s Midewin National Tallgrass Prairie and the National Forest Foundation are celebrating the arrival of 27 American bison at Midewin National Tallgrass Prairie.

Ever Seen a 30-Point Doe? You Have Now

An Illinois hunter bagged what he believed was a trophy buck -- a 30 pointer. The truth was far stranger than that.

Trout Flys for Spring in the Driftless Area

Here are the top 10 flies for early-season Driftless Area spring-creek fishing.

The 5 Essentials of Tree Stand Placement

Tree stand placement is a critical skill for whitetail deer hunters. Here's how the professionals do it.

Fall Squirrel-Hunting Tips

Squirrel hunt can be some of the most fun, fast-paced hunts you'll ever experience. It's a game of listening for movement, finding the squirrels,...