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Poacher Gets What He Deserves

Too often, poachers are not punished. Not this time! Find out what happened to a poacher of Idaho bighorn sheep.

Bighorn Hunter Attacked by Bear

Black bears seldom attack humans, but this one did. Read about how a bighorn ram hunter escaped with his life.

Fish and Game Officers Bust Would-be Poachers [VIDEO]

Watch how Fish & Game officials catch poachers.

Millennials Form New Wave of Hunters and Anglers

Millennials are are getting excited about hunting and fishing. Here's why that's a big deal.

31 Elk Fall Through the Ice to Their Death

The sight of 31 elk that fell through the ice is a sad thing to see. Read the full report on these unfortunate events.

Hundreds of Bull Elk Move About Their Winter Grounds [VIDEO]

Watch as hundreds of bull elk move about their winter grounds in Southern Idaho. This video will get your blood pumping.

Extraordinary Deformity Found on Mountain Lion

Fish and game officials in Idaho were stumped after looking at images of a mountain lion that was harvested in Weston, Idaho. The youngling appears to have fangs growing out of its forehead. Find out what probably caused this bizarre affliction.

Mule Deer Mates One Last Time Before Being Shot [VIDEO]

A mule deer buck gets to mate one last time before he is harvested. Watch the unique video.

Watch Beavers Parachuting Into Idaho [VIDEO]

A 14-minute “color film” (circa 1950 and complete with audio) produced by the Idaho Fish and Game Commission to show live trapping and transplanting -- via parachute! -- of muskrat, beaver, and marten.

Idaho Officials Kill 19 Wolves to Boost Elk Herds

Wolves are suspected to have reduced an elk herd by 96%. Find out how government professionals are working to reduce wolf numbers in order to give elk a chance to recover.