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Hundreds of Bull Elk Move About Their Winter Grounds [VIDEO]

Watch as hundreds of bull elk move about their winter grounds in Southern Idaho. This video will get your blood pumping.

Extraordinary Deformity Found on Mountain Lion

Fish and game officials in Idaho were stumped after looking at images of a mountain lion that was harvested in Weston, Idaho. The youngling appears to have fangs growing out of its forehead. Find out what probably caused this bizarre affliction.

Mule Deer Mates One Last Time Before Being Shot [VIDEO]

A mule deer buck gets to mate one last time before he is harvested. Watch the unique video.

Watch Beavers Parachuting Into Idaho [VIDEO]

A 14-minute “color film” (circa 1950 and complete with audio) produced by the Idaho Fish and Game Commission to show live trapping and transplanting -- via parachute! -- of muskrat, beaver, and marten.

Idaho Officials Kill 19 Wolves to Boost Elk Herds

Wolves are suspected to have reduced an elk herd by 96%. Find out how government professionals are working to reduce wolf numbers in order to give elk a chance to recover.

Trophy Buck’s Poaching Sparks Outrage, $2.8K Reward

The poaching of a trophy-class mule deer buck creates a storm of outrage and inspires $2,800 in rewards offered for information.

12-Year-Old Catches World Record

When 12-year-old Tia Wiese landed a behemoth yellow perch last March on Idaho’s Cascade Lake, she hoped it would break the state record. Little did she know her 2-pound, 11.68-ounce jumbo would eventually shatter a world benchmark as well.

Top Tips for Ice Fishing Safety

Your number-one consideration, as with any sport, should be safety. Here are some vital ice fishing safety tips that will prepare you for your next excursion.

Idaho Kokes in Autumn

Fall is kokanee spawning time. When the spawn happens, they aren't great for fishing (at least if you want to eat them), but they are a favorite target for such predatory birds as the bald eagle. Find out the best places to watch this amazing spectacle.

Elk Hunters: Idaho Wants You

Idaho launches a hunter-friendly ten-year elk management program. With an abundance of tags, hunters can plan on a great adventure. Get all the details.