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How to Catch Big Pike Through the Ice [VIDEO]

Learn how to catch big pike through the ice.

A New Way to Get Across the Ice [VIDEO]

Need a new way to get across the ice? This solution might be just what you're looking for.

Anglers Catch an Otter While Icefishing [VIDEO]

Hoping to land some trout for supper, these anglers got more than they bargained for!

How to Fine Tune Your Ice Fishing Sonar Unit [VIDEO]

Learn how to catch bigger fish through the ice.

Slug Ice Fishing Pike [VIDEO]

Lake of the Woods has a reputation for delivering big fish. This fantastic pike catch doesn't disappoint.

Angler Finds A Pike Inside A Pike [VIDEO]

Watch what happens when an angler catches a Northern Pike that has another Northern Pike hanging out of its mouth.

Ice Fisherman Make a Shocking Discovery [VIDEO]

Two ice fisherman were in for a big surprise when they reeled in a live bird from freezing waters in northwestern Pennsylvania. Watch the amazing video.

Ice Fishing Awesomeness

An 18-hour marathon fishing session results in a major catch for two lucky anglers. Find out what they caught.

12-Year-Old Catches World Record

When 12-year-old Tia Wiese landed a behemoth yellow perch last March on Idaho’s Cascade Lake, she hoped it would break the state record. Little did she know her 2-pound, 11.68-ounce jumbo would eventually shatter a world benchmark as well.

Ice Fishing: You Can Walk on Water!

Want to get your family excited about going ice fishing? Here are some basics to help you prepare for your first ice-angling adventure.