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See as one lucky hunter gets to enjoy the beauty of a nice albino buck and then harvest another deer with his muzzleloader moments later.

Like it or not, landowners are always going to have to deal with trespassers. But what's the best way to handle them? Here's a handy guide to dealing with unwanted visitors.

A deer apparently hit by a car brought itself to a New York hospital and walked into the emergency room. Hard to believe, but true.

For this father-and-son hunting team, the proper upkeep and maintenance of their vehicles is an essential ingredient to successful hunting.

These epic long-range, one-shot kills will leave you speechless.

The flat set is a great way to catch coyotes. This video perfectly illustrates how to go about it.

We doubt you'll want to use smokeless powder in a muzzleloader after you see how this firearm was destroyed.

Coyotes are known to prey on whatever they can find. This pack wasn't lucky when they tried to attack some deer in Texas.

Hunters, take heed: Sometimes things can go horribly wrong. Watch as a lion attacks and mauls a hunter. Warning: This footage is brutal.

Field dressing a deer doesn't have to be a chore. This video shows how to do it quickly and simply.