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Startled Buck Runs Right Toward Waiting Hunter [VIDEO]

Watch as a buck, startled by gunfire, runs right at a waiting hunter.

How to Hang Your Treestand With Ease

Learn these 10 treestand-hanging essentials for the DIY whitetail hunter.

Hunting Wild Hogs with Just Dogs and a Knife [VIDEO]

Hunting hogs with a knife is not for everyone. It takes a certain type of person to do what you're about to see.

For Big Results, Plan a Small Plot

Small food plots can be dynamite hunting spots.

How to Scout for Deer in the Summer

Do you scout for deer during the warmer months?

Is Hunting Still Relevant? [VIDEO]

Take part in she debate about the relevance of hunting in this day and age.

Deer Hunter Nails a Tough Angle with Perfect Shot [VIDEO]

This is not a shot a lot of hunters would take, but Michael King did it. Watch how it happened.

Can EHD Be Prevented?

This critical information could help deer hunters reduce the risk or severity of EHD and bluetongue outbreaks.

Coyote Taken Down by 9mm Tracer Round [VIDEO]

Tim Wells delivers an amazing shot to this coyote's head using a 9mm tracer round.

Follow This Essential Field-Dressing Tip to Ensure Clean Venison [VIDEO]

See how one simple field-dressing trick can greatly enhance your venison quality.