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How to Tan Your Own Furbearers [VIDEO]

Want to tan your own furbearers? Getting good results isn't as hard as you think.

Hog Hunting from the Spear’s POV [VIDEO]

Check out how deadly this spear is on a big wild hog, via a GoPro attached to the spear.

These Turkeys Don’t Like Deer [VIDEO]

These turkeys don't cotton too well to having deer invade their turf. Watch what happens.

3 Ways to Cook Turkey Legs

Learn to cook turkey legs and get more meat for the table.

Jerks Ruin Hunt: Worst Neighbors Ever [VIDEO]

How would you handle neighbors that are just complete jerks when it comes to your deer hunting?

Swhacker’s 3-Blade Broadhead Hits the Mark [VIDEO]

See the new three-blade Swhacker broadhead in action.

Bowhunter Takes Down Brown Bear at 5 Yards [VIDEO]

Imagine passing a shot at a bear at 10 yards and still hoping to get an opportunity. Watch it happen.

The Gear You Need for Bad-Weather Hunting

Don't let bad weather keep you in camp. These products make hunting in inclement weather a breeze.

How to Score Your Wild Turkey

Scoring your wild turkey and entering it in the records is a simple process thanks to the National Wild Turkey Federation.

Great New Gear from Field & Stream Raises the Bar

Check out these warm-weather products from Field & Stream. Our field testers couldn't get enough of the stuff.