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13-Year Old Boy Arrows Bull Elk in Chest [VIDEO]

A bull elk is shot with an arrow by a 13-year-old hunter. It takes the tough beast a while to go down in this spellbinding video.

Gut Bag Explodes All Over Nauseated Elk Hunter [VIDEO]

Watch the moment when a gut bag explodes all over an elk hunter. Guaranteed he'll never make that mistake again.

Mule Deer Bowhunting with a Lighted Nock [VIDEO]

This is a cool video on many levels. Stalking and shooting a mule deer is awesome footage, yet to be able to film it as a solo hunter is amazing. Check it out.

Huge Elk Gets Too Close for a Shot [VIDEO]

How would you handle an elk that came in too close for you to shoot?

Peek Inside the Sportsman’s Box [VIDEO]

Receiving the Sportsman's Box every month is a great deal. Check out what our writer got this month.

Tickborne Allergen Causes Reactions to Deer Meat

A tickborne condition can change your life as a deer hunter forever -- and not in the way that you might think.

Enjoy the Benefits of Hog Hunting All Year

Just because most big game seasons are closed, doesn't mean you can't go hunting.

Hog Hunting with an AR-15 [VIDEO]

Watch as hunters drop a wild hog with an ear shot from an AR-15.

Boy Shoots Texas Hog with .45 Pistol [VIDEO]

Watch this young hunter shoot a charging hog with a .45 pistol.

Night Hog Hunting with Thermal Equipment [VIDEO]

Hog hunting at night with thermal night vision is an opportunity that you don't want to miss. Check it out.