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Learn how to build a homemade DIY PVC longbow using minimal tools, a PVC pipe, and some spare parts.

Spring turkey season is quickly approaching. Check out these kills to get you ready to drop a thunder chicken.

Accurate shooting and a little bit of luck help this hunter get a coyote triple with his bow. Watch the video to see how it all goes down.

The Missouri deer season officially ended on Jan. 15, with the conclusion of archery season, and the harvest numbers were up from last year.

Watch as this hunter has his pistol drawn and is ready for anything when this bear charges.

Here are 15 reasons we can confidently say that winter hunting is the best time for hunting over any other season.

This Korean archer will blow your mind with this feat of accuracy.

Hunter Safety Lab premiers IRIS, the world’s first hunter-safety detection technology at SHOT Show 2015. Get an up-close look.

Much of the press attention at the recent Shooting Hunting and Outdoor Trade Show focused on new firearms, yet a number of companies highlighted their small products that can have an equally important impact. Here's a preview of cool new releases you're going to want.

This is one of those “you have to see it to believe it” videos. And even then, you may have your doubts. In this short clip a hunter drops three ducks with one shot.