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Cell Phones Serve as Next-Gen Trail Cams

Today’s scouting cameras are small and easily concealable, offering features never thought of even a few years ago.

The Science of Hunting Turkeys with a Shotgun

Here's how to pick the best turkey load pellet.

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These three inexpensive apps will help you hunt smarter.

What Your Favorite Rifle Cartridge Says About You

Our favorite rifle cartridge can tell an awful lot about us as shooters. What does your fave reveal about you?

How to Kill Turkeys in Any Weather

Bad weather can be great for hunting. Here are proven methods for successful turkey hunting in any weather.

Florida Snake Hunters Kill Dozens of Pythons

Would you hunt pythons? These hunters did, and now there are dozens less of these big snakes roaming the Florida Everglades.

How to Field Dress a Bunny in 10 Seconds [VIDEO]

Here's a super-fast, no-fuss method for field dressing a rabbit in just 10 seconds.

7 Ways to Find Hunting Land for Next Season

Now is the time to start asking permission to hunt for next fall. Here are 7 tips to ensure you get to hunt the land you want.