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Ohio Hunter Harvests All-Time Number-Two Buck [VIDEO]

An Ohio hunter takes down the number two whitetail of all time. See the video.

Field Dress a Rabbit in Seconds [VIDEO]

It doesn't take a knife to field dress a rabbit. This video will show you how to do it in the blink of an eye.

Former Miss Kansas Sentenced for Illegal Bear Kill

Former Miss Kansas and hunting television star Theresa Vail has been sentenced in an Alaska court for violating state game laws during a recent grizzly bear hunt in Alaska.

Venison Roast: Easy Slow-Cooking Recipe

Slow cooking is an excellent way to keep venison moist and tender. Here's a simple, delicious recipe for venison roast.

D’oh! Man Caught Poaching in Game Warden’s Yard

We're all in agreement that poaching is pretty stupid. But to do it on the game warden's property? That's a whole new level of dumb.

Buck Sheds His Antlers When Shot [VIDEO]

A buck sheds his antlers when shot with an arrow. Check out the bizarre video.

Will You Soon Be Hunting With Big-Bore Air Rifles? [VIDEO]

Big-bore air guns may soon be used for deer and bear hunting. Will these proposed regulations be in the works in your area? Read the full report.

Sharpen Your Knife Using Your Truck Window [VIDEO]

If you ever need to sharpen your knife, help is only a car window away. Here's how it works.

Coyote Ends Up In Hunter’s Lap [VIDEO]

This coyote comes so quickly in response to a call that it ends up in the hunter's lap before he knew what happened. Watch it all happen.

Rage Releases Hypodermic Crossbow Bowheads

One of America's most popular broadheads is now available for crossbow hunters.