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Using a Turkey Fan Ground Blind [VIDEO]

Stop carrying all that gear into the turkey woods; this cool product is a combination decoy and blind.

Why Helical Fletching is Best

Learn why helical fletching will help you have consistent in-the-field accuracy.

Entire Coyote Pack Taken Out with Suppressed Rifles [VIDEO]

Watch as two hunters take out a pack of coyotes with the help of suppressed rifles.

Hogs, Dogs, Guns, Knives, and Explosives [VIDEO]

Can anything go wrong when a hunt involves pit bulls, wild hog, knives and explosives? See for yourself.

A Double on Eastern Turkeys [VIDEO]

You're calling in turkeys when two great targets present themselves. It just so happens you have two permits... See how this situation played out two big eastern turkeys in Wisconsin.

How to Successfully Bowhunt Turkeys

Bowhunting for turkeys is a tough proposition, we agree. Thankfully, we've got 10 tips to make it easier.

Monster Buck Killed with a Spear [VIDEO]

Would you consider hunting deer with a spear? Watch as Tim Wells does just that.

A Unique Cactus Whitetail Buck

You won’t believe how weird this buck’s antlers are!

A Turkey Season to Remember [VIDEO]

You know it's been a good turkey season when you wrap tags around six gobblers.

How to Tan Your Own Furbearers [VIDEO]

Want to tan your own furbearers? Getting good results isn't as hard as you think.