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The World Record Grizzly That Almost Didn’t Happen

The bear now recognized by Boone & Crockett as the largest hunter-killed grizzly and by Safari Club International as the world record archery bear very nearly never entered the record books. Find out why.

Buck Shows Unusual Behavior Toward Hunters [VIDEO]

Deer are unpredictable animals, but we've never imagined that a wild deer would allow a hunter to do this.

Here’s Why You Should Support Trapping

Do you support trapping? If not, take a few minutes to learn why it's an essential tool for conservation.

Two Bucks Locked Together Freed by Hunter [VIDEO]

This buck may have been happy to be released, but he had a weird way of showing it.

A Great New Scope for You to Focus On [VIDEO]

Zeiss has raised the bar with their new V-8 Scope. It has just about everything you can want: crystal clear glass, 92% light transmission, auto on/off red dots, and customizable turrets.

Deer Startled by Snapping Coyote Trap [VIDEO]

A whitetail deer is nearly scared to death when a trap explodes underneath it.

Turn Your Phone Into a GPS Device

Now you can use your smart phone as a GPS unit.

The 10 Best Venison Chili Recipes

Check out these 10 venison chili recipes to discover your next favorite.

How to Get Better Arrow Penetration

Arrow penetration can be obtained without a heavy draw weight. Learn what you can do to achieve this.

Mountain Lion Appears Out of Nowhere [VIDEO]

Many hunters and other outdoorsmen and women will go their entire lives without seeing a mountain lion. As this video shows, there's good reason for that.