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These Western-themed animal targets are great fun and create effective practice for the field. They're so inexpensive, you can practically hunt elk for the price of a hamburger!

Learn the basics of food plots from the pros at the Mossy Oak GameKeepers Club.

Decoys can give you the lure for close "easy" shots. This dove tree sets up in seconds and will draw doves in like a magnet.

A new gambrel-and-pulley combination makes deer processing much cleaner and easier. Check out this preview.

Experienced hunters know the value of wind direction, including thermals and subtle breezes. Here's why that knowledge is so vital to your whitetail-hunting success.

Here are a few amazing kill shots from seasons past.

Just like anywhere else, scent control in Africa is tough. Here are some innovative ways to try to beat the odds on the Dark Continent.

Robinson Outdoor Products LLC, the maker of ScentBlocker, has announced the introduction of the X-Bow line of crossbow hunter-specific gear.

How quickly do big bucks become nocturnal when pressured by hunters? The answer may surprise you.

Americans are blessed with abundant public land. Planning and completing a hunt on your own offers a great sense of satisfaction. Here are the ten best options for DIY hunters.