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If you haven't drawn an elk tag in Colorado this fall, it's not to late to make it happen. This contest can net you the hunt of a lifetime; check out the details!

In 2014, American hunters and anglers paid more than one billion dollars in taxes. And they were glad to do it. Sound odd? Find out why.

As the spring turkey season heads into the late innings, your hunting gear becomes extra important. These products have worked extremely well this season, and they can make a difference in your gobbler season’s second-half.

While deer antlers grow, they are covered with a fuzzy skin called "velvet." What is it? How does it grow? To learn more, check out this enjoyable post.

Here’s the beginner’s guide to finding morel mushrooms.

Including your spouse in hunting trips can pay big benefits. Here are the top five reasons to take your partner hunting.

Using PVC for hunting projects can make your season better, and at a low price. Check out these hunting PVC uses.

Hunters become the hunted when a pissed off leopard attacks their safari truck, almost getting close enough to rip them to pieces.

This hunter on Kodiak Island got a good lesson in shot placement when he experienced a Kodiak bear charge after wounding a big Kodiak Brown Bear with his bow.

This season, I hope I can take turkey headshot just like this. This type of turkey headshot is not seen very often.