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Bull elk can walk right up on a hunter. That's why it pays to be prepared at all times. Watch what happens when this hunter has a close encounter with a bull elk.

An American hunter has killed Cecil the lion, one of Africa's most beloved icons and a long-time boom for tourism for the nation of Zimbabwe. The international furor that has ensued include death threats to the hunter, Walter Palmer, a dentist from Minnesota. Was this a simple mistake or a calculated kill? Read our article and weigh in with your thoughts.

Whitetail twins are common, but six fawns? Is that possible for one doe? This picture may suggest so.

The fear of video recording may keep trespassers off your property; here's how to keep your land safe from intruders.

Taking dad hunting can be a memorable experience. Sometimes it's not about what you catch, but the time you spend together.

Do you have an elk hunt booked for 2015? If so, start getting excited. Plenty of rain in spring and summer should mean larger antlers this fall.

Watch as a mule deer loses its antler in midair.

The Prime Total Archery Challenge is coming to Big Sky, Montana. Find out why this 3-D shoot is worthy of a family vacation.

Blistering cold and dangerous terrain ensure that a musk ox hunt is far from boring.

A whitetail-hunting madman races toward his prey using a cardboard shield as decoy.