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Check out what this buck goes through while trying to survive an attack by two coyotes.

You have probably seen some long coyote kills before, but I bet nothing this far away. This is supposedly the longest one ever caught on camera.

Here’s a clever gun hunting technique mountain men like Daniel Boone used to shoot squirrels.

Blaser hunting rifles takes National Sporting Clay’s Champion Cory Kruse on an epic mountain hunt in northwestern Canada.

This hunter encounters a running coyote while deer hunting.

We’re used to seeing crocodiles being aggressive and clamping down on their prey. Sometimes, however, things don’t work out for the croc.

Many mature bull moose have big antlers, but some have antlers that are SCARY BIG. Here are 14 photos of some HUGE moose antlers. These are the kind of racks that make you utter a breathy “WHOA.”

Who says size doesn’t matter? It’s mushroom hunting season, and we would all just love to find one of these giant morels.

When hunting antelope, the go to gun is usually a high powered rifle. This guy has decided to use a .357 Magnum revolver. Watch this great shot at 133 yards that takes down a nice antelope.

Hey there huntress, looking for a new bow? These are the best bows for women.