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Trail Camera Strategies for Mountainous Terrain [VIDEO]

Trail cameras are a great way add valuable intel to our preseason planning. Here are some great strategies for placement and performance.

Ironic Hunting Photos [VIDEO]

Check out this collection of awesomely ironic hunting photos.

Bull Elk Tag Drawing to Support Youth Archery

Would you rather draw an elk tag for a monster bull or help introduce young people to the exciting sport of archery? Heck, do both! Here's a great raffle for an important cause.

Texas Deer Hunting with Blake Shelton [VIDEO]

Here's a look back at a classic Realtree Road Trips episode where Michael Waddell was joined in Texas by country music recording artists Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert. The couple got their whitetails, but Blake first had to take out a four-legged intruder.

What Do Deer Rubs Mean?

A deer rub is more than just evidence that a buck is in the area. Learn what a buck rub can tell you.

Do These 5 Things Now to Plan Next Year’s Spring Turkey...

Now's the time to plan next year's turkey hunt. Do these five things this season to ensure success next year.

How to Brain-Tan a Deer Hide

Brain-tanning a hide is a lost art, but it doesn't have to be. Here's a step-by-step guide for the uninitiated.

A Deer Blind That Bowhunters Can Use Efficiently

Here's a unique ground blind designed specifically for archers. Would this improve your odds? Take a look and see what you think.

6 Ways to Avoid Choking at the Moment of Truth

Hunters are suppose to be excited when they see a big buck, but you still have to be in control. Here are six ways to stay cool under pressure.

Sell Squirrel Tails for Cash [VIDEO]

Turn those squirrel tails into cash -- or new fishing lures. Here's how to do it.