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How to Train Your Beagle to Hunt Rabbits

A well-trained beagle will help you catch more rabbits. This guide will walk you through the training process.

3 Steps to Coyote-Calling Success

Use these three tips when calling coyotes.

Try This DIY Cow-Horn Turkey Call

Learn how to make a turkey call out of a cow horn.

How to Catch Raccoons When the Weather Turns Cold [VIDEO]

Learn how to catch raccoons when the mercury drops.

Neighbors Try to Put an End to Hunting

What would you do if your neighbors said you couldn't hunt on your own land?

The Most Unbelievable Archery Shot on a Moose [VIDEO]

Watch what happens when this bull moose is delivered a broadhead to his vitals.

Previewing the Great American Outdoor Show

You can wind a handgun by attending the NRA GAOS

The Perfect Trap Placement for Otters [VIDEO]

Do you have trouble deciding where to place traps for otter? This video will show you the way.

Should Dogs Be Used to Chase Down Coyotes? [VIDEO]

Hunters in Kansas are using dogs to chase down coyotes. What do you think about this type of hunting? Is it ethical or not?

Coyote Taste Test [VIDEO]

Have you considered eating coyote to find out what it tastes like? No need; these guys did it for you!