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Wild Boar Shot with Tracer Round [VIDEO]

Using a .22 tracer adds a entirely new level of excitement to hog hunting.

This is One of the Coolest Gun Rests We’ve Seen [VIDEO]

Here's a really cool gun rest that's ideal for hunting.

How to Hunt Antelopes on a Budget

Here are the best public-land opportunities for budget-minded antelope hunters.

CAMX: A Great Crossbow at a Reasonable Price

Can this promising new crossbow perform with the big boys while saving hunters hundreds of dollars in the process? Our reviewer gives the bow a test run.

Will These Broadheads Change What We Shoot? [VIDEO]

A new design for broadheads may change the way we shoot at deer.

How to Hang a Treestand [VIDEO]

Learn how to safely and quickly hang a treestand.

How to Choose the Right Public Land for Deer Hunting [VIDEO]

Here are five ways to pick the most productive public land on which to hunt deer.

How to Get More Doves When You Have a Shotshell Limit:...

Here are five great tips to ensure success this dove season.

The Original Bug Shirt Still Rules the Insect Battle

Here's one way to beat the bugs and remain scent-free.

12-Year-Old Girl Receives Death Threats After Hunting in Africa

A 12-year-old girl who likes to hunt big game with her father sparked an online firestorm after posting photos of herself online posing with a giraffe and a zebra that she killed with the help of her dad.