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These illegal road hunters fall for a robo-buck and the wildlife officials are watching.

The photos may appear to be nothing more than fantastical art, but they in fact depict the everyday life of a San hunter. The Namibian tribe is so in tune with nature that its people are not afraid to hunt within close proximity of a full-grown cheetah.

The hunter becomes the hunted as GPS reveals that bears (which are naturally very effective predators) are tracking hunters.

From ballplayers to bowhunters, these guys know how to enjoy their offseason.

Who's the better deer hunter, someone from the north or the south? The folks at Realtree have taken on this great debate. It's one you won't want to miss.

Saying that hunters are a deer's best friend is a bold statement. Here's another story to back up that assertion.

Montana elk hunters rescue an an elk from icy lake waters in this fascinating clip.

Tree stands can be the most dangerous places around. Each year, hundreds of hunters are seriously injured because they were not properly secured in...

Hunters and trappers can minimize their risk of exposure to rabies by following several common sense rules.

Shooting lanes are prime spots for hunting wildlife, no matter the season. Many wildlife species, including deer, can be drawn to clear-cuts and powerline...