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Holiday Gift Guide for Hunters: 6 Gift Ideas

Can't figure out what to get your hunter for the holidays? Here are six affordable and unique gifts he or she will love.

Are You Being Hunted? GPS Reveals Grizzly Bears Following Hunters

The hunter becomes the hunted as GPS reveals that bears (which are naturally very effective predators) are tracking hunters.

The Best Deer Hunters are Yankees… And Why Southerners Disagree

Who's the better deer hunter, someone from the north or the south? The folks at Realtree have taken on this great debate. It's one you won't want to miss.

$200,000 Spent on Deer-Feeding Program

Saying that hunters are a deer's best friend is a bold statement. Here's another story to back up that assertion.

A Tree Stand Harness for Women

With this ladies' safety harness, you can combine killer looks and skills.

Rabies: What Hunters and Trappers Should Know

Hunters and trappers can minimize their risk of exposure to rabies by following several common sense rules.

Hunters, Steer Clear of Railways

Shooting lanes are prime spots for hunting wildlife, no matter the season. Many wildlife species, including deer, can be drawn to clear-cuts and powerline...

Colorado Sportsmen Weigh In On Gun Control Issue

The nationwide gun-control debate rages on, and it seems no one can agree on a solution to fix the problems — or even agree...