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Sneaky Hunter Grabs Buck’s Antlers [VIDEO]

Watch the moment a hunter creeps up on and successfully grabs a deer's velvet antler.

Hunter Burned by Space Heater

You've probably never thought about being severely burned by a space heater while hunting. Learn from this poor hunter's mistake.

Texas Man Shoots at Armadillo, Bullet Ricochets and Hits Shooter

Who knew that armadillo armor was bulletproof? One halpess hunter found this out the worst way possible.

Aimpoint Crossbow Safari a Smashing Success

Red dot scopes are ideal for crossbow hunting. We field-tested three Aimpoint models on a recent African safari.

Hunter Pranked with Worst Wake-Up Call Ever [VIDEO]

This is one "rise and shine" that this poor hunter is not likely to soon forget. Watch this hilarious video.

15 Gifts for the Hunter in Your Life

'Tis the season! For hunters, it's hunting season. For everyone, it's the holiday season. And for those shoppers who have a person who loves...

Unleash Your Inner Hunter

No matter the size of the game you hunt, and even if you never put on camo or step foot in the woods, David...