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The ability to craft a crossbow for food and protection is an important skill. This video will walk you through the process.

Check out this video and learn how to tie the last braid to leader knot you'll ever need to learn.

Here’s how to make insect repellant that doesn’t cost a fortune.

This knife-sharpening trick is so easy you may want to use it all the time.

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Here’s how to remove a tick, described by the experts. The same wise folks who created the Ticknado video also shared some pretty valuable info...

With increasing numbers of people wanting to know the origins of their food, and some going so far as to describe themselves as "locavores,"...

An angler is only as strong as the knot holding his catch on the line while he reels it in. When you're holding a...

"It was THIS big!" Gone are the days when a sardine-sized catch could be transformed into a whale-sized trophy through the art of story...

For salmon and trout anglers looking to catch more fish (and who isn't?), Captain Lou Borrelli has two words for you: Dipsy Diver. About...