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How to Properly Field Dress a Deer [VIDEO]

Every deer hunter should know how to field dress their kills. Here's a video tutorial that shows you what to do once the deer is down.

How to Load a Deer Into a Truck By Yourself [VIDEO]

This handy device, which can be stored behind your front seat, allows you to pick up a buck and haul it away, even if you're by yourself.

DIY Squirrel Hauler

Pay attention, small-game hunters. If you have an extra coat hanger in your closet, this DIY squirrel tote won't cost you a dime.

How to Make Your Own Tick Repellant [VIDEO]

Stop ticks before they have a chance to attack your skin with this DIY tick repellant.

How to Call Elk Early in the Season [VIDEO]

See how to call the big bulls that can be successfully coaxed during the first few weeks of elk season.

Here’s the Right Way to Spot and Stalk a Hog

Bowhunting hogs is challenging, but fun. Here's how to stalk a wild hog.

An Easy Way to Breast Doves [VIDEO]

Here's an easy way to get a single piece of meat out of a dove.

How to Hunt Antelopes on a Budget

Here are the best public-land opportunities for budget-minded antelope hunters.

How to Choose the Right Public Land for Deer Hunting [VIDEO]

Here are five ways to pick the most productive public land on which to hunt deer.

How to Get More Doves When You Have a Shotshell Limit:...

Here are five great tips to ensure success this dove season.