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Here's an easy way to catch all of the fishing bait you'll ever need.

There is a wrong way and a right way to hold a dangerous snapping turtle. Make sure you know the difference.

Stop the mosquitoes before they have a chance to get close. If this solution is good enough for our military, it should work for you.

With just a few minutes each day in as little as one month, any dog, no matter the breed or size, can be trained to be a bloodhound. Here's what you need to do.

Processing your own deer saves money, and ensures that your deer is properly cared for from start to finish. This video introduces you to the essentials behind DIY processing.

Learn how to build your own shooting house for deer hunting. It's easier than you'd probably think, and it won't break the piggy bank.

With deer season just around the corner why buy those expensive scent cover-ups when you can make your own for just pennies? Covering human scent in the woods is a must to score that big buck you've been watching.

Don't throw away your deer hides this season. There are many practical uses for them; some may even make you a few extra bucks.

Quality knives can be expensive to buy. What if you could make your own? It is possible, and all you need is an old wrench and a little know-how. This video explains all.

Learn how to use two quarters or two pennies to make a cheap squirrel cutting call.