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When Wild Hogs Attack [VIDEO]

Wild hogs are known to be aggressive critters. Watch as these hogs decide they've had enough of the people in their midst and decide to get revenge.

Hunter Takes Out Three Hogs with a Single Shot [VIDEO]

Watch as this marksman makes one shot really count. Talk about conserving your ammo!

It’s Time for Hog Hunting

With the deer season winding down, wild hogs make a great off-season hunt.

Louisiana Hunters Kill More Hogs Than Deer

Will wild hogs rival deer as your state's number one big-game animal? Sounds crazy, but it's happening.

Texas Feral Hog Number to Triple By 2018

The Lone Star State is well known for many reasons: The Alamo, longhorn cattle, Longhorn football, football in general, cowboys, and much more. The...