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Pigman Takes World Record South Pacific Hog [VIDEO]

Watch this giant porker go down hard.

Hunter Takes Out Three Hogs with a Single Shot [VIDEO]

Watch as this marksman makes one shot really count. Talk about conserving your ammo!

Tannerite Explosion Takes Out Feral Hogs [VIDEO]

You've seen night vision shots before, but not like this one. Watch as Arkansas hunters take out feral hogs using thermal Tannerite explosions.

Wild Hog Bow Hunt: Arrow to the Brain [VIDEO]

Wild hog hunts with a bow are pure excitement and challenge. This video shows how quickly a pig can move and dodge an arrow... or not.

Quiet, Piggies: Hunting Hogs with a Silencer [VIDEO]

Watch as Keith Warren hunts East Texas hogs with his Savage Arms Model 10 suppressed rifle in .308 caliber.

Florida’s Wild Hogs – Nuisance or Hunting Opportunity?

Learn why hog hunting has become big business in the Sunshine State.