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.22-caliber rifles are not known to drop a big wild hog in its tracks, but that is exactly what this one did. See how it all went down.

Wild hog hunts with a bow are pure excitement and challenge. This video shows how quickly a pig can move and dodge an arrow... or not.

Watch as Keith Warren hunts East Texas hogs with his Savage Arms Model 10 suppressed rifle in .308 caliber.

Feral hogs are the scourge of many landowners down south. Watch Double G Hog Control do some work with some awesome night hog hunting in Louisiana.

Killing a hog from a helicopter with a bow just might be a first in the world of hunting.

Ever wondered what it would be like to go hog hunting with a Barrett .50 cal rifle? This guy in Texas did. Check out what it did to the hog.

The action comes fast and furious when a Louisiana man tries his hand at hog hunting with traditional archery gear. Those hogs never knew what hit them!

With the deer season winding down, wild hogs make a great off-season hunt.

Ever wondered what it would be like to go hog hunting with elephant guns? Well, these two guys in Florida did.

Check out this GoPro hog hunting video where an Arkansas hunter waits for the perfect shot!