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When Wild Hogs Attack [VIDEO]

Wild hogs are known to be aggressive critters. Watch as these hogs decide they've had enough of the people in their midst and decide to get revenge.

Trapping Hogs in Texas [Video]

Texas hogs are a problem. It would take a lot of traps to get rid of them all. But that doesn't stop this hunter, who's doing his part to lessen their numbers. Join him on this video hunt.

Hunting Hogs From a Helicopter [VIDEO]

Hunting hogs from a helicopter might look like fun, but these hunters are also doing a service to landowners.

Pigman Takes World Record South Pacific Hog [VIDEO]

Watch this giant porker go down hard.

Hog Hunting at Night with Drones [VIDEO]

Nighttime drone usage is one way to gain an edge on encroaching wild hogs. But is it ethical? Watch this video and weigh in with your opinion.

Texas Hog Hunting: 2 Hogs in 2 Minutes [VIDEO]

Check out this hog hunting action in the rain.

Hunter Takes Out Three Hogs with a Single Shot [VIDEO]

Watch as this marksman makes one shot really count. Talk about conserving your ammo!

Warthog Taken Out with Half-Mile Headshot [VIDEO]

Watch this long-range shot as a warthog is cut down from a half-mile away.

.22 Takes Out Hog with Ease [VIDEO]

.22-caliber rifles are not known to drop a big wild hog in its tracks, but that is exactly what this one did. See how it all went down.

Wild Hog Bow Hunt: Arrow to the Brain [VIDEO]

Wild hog hunts with a bow are pure excitement and challenge. This video shows how quickly a pig can move and dodge an arrow... or not.