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Amazing Broadhead Kill Shot on Wild Hog [VIDEO]

Wild hogs are a tough animal that require a tough broadhead. Fortunately, we've got just the thing to take these beasts down.

First-Person Hog Hunting from a Truck [VIDEO]

Check out this first-person hog-hunting shooter action, using a 300 Blackout from within a truck. What do you think... Do you approve or disapprove?

Hunting Wild Boar with Double Rifles

Watch as a powerful double rifle takes down a wild boar.

Enjoy the Benefits of Hog Hunting All Year

Just because most big game seasons are closed, doesn't mean you can't go hunting.

Hog Hunting with an AR-15 [VIDEO]

Watch as hunters drop a wild hog with an ear shot from an AR-15.

Night Hog Hunting with Thermal Equipment [VIDEO]

Hog hunting at night with thermal night vision is an opportunity that you don't want to miss. Check it out.

Wild Hogs Carry Off Baby Whitetail

Another reason to target wild hogs? What do you think?

Unstoppable Wild Hog Shrugs Off Bullets, Charges Shooter [VIDEO]

A wild hog takes bullet after bullet and just keeps coming.

Hog Hunting with Double Rifles [VIDEO]

Imagine hunting for hogs with elephant guns! It actually happened; check out this video.

Wild Hog Eradication in Texas [VIDEO]

Hog hunting is not only a necessity in overrun Texas, it's also a blast. Check out these kill shots.