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Hawaiian spearfisherman Randy Llanes discovered just how dangerous the ocean can be and paid the ultimate price. Learn the sad details of his death.

Check out this pair of Hawaiian anglers braving the slippery rocks to land, then successfully release the elusive, hard-fighting ulua.

In a half hour, a teenage angler in Hawaii accomplished what many anglers only dream of ever achieving... a grander blue marlin! Read the amazing tale.

Get a peek into the secret world of Hawaiian ulua fishermen.

Barracuda are a warm-water species found in many parts of the world. So why are other fish getting all the hype? Find out how you may be missing out.

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Everything old is new again as one traveler gains respect for the ancient ways of fishing on a recent trip to Hawaii.

There aren’t that many places in Hawaii where you can escape into the wilderness for some backcountry hiking. On Maui, there is the famous Haleakala Crater, which resembles a desert moon crater. It truly is a place like no other.

Watching the lava flow at night is a spectacular sight, one you'll never forget. Here's how to enjoy the beautiful wonderments of what Hawaii has to offer.

The lure of palm trees, rugged volcanic cliffs, the smell of the Pacific Ocean, and fresh island fish guaranteed to make your mouth salivate....