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How to CPR a Giant Halibut

A Swedish angler jumps into the cold water for a once-in-a-lifetime photo op with giant halibut. Check out the pictures and read the full story.

You’ve Never Seen Halibut Swarming Like This [VIDEO]

These anglers find themselves in the middle of a halibut frenzy, with the fish jumping out of the water and biting bare hooks. Watch this unique video.

A Fishing Love Story

You know the saying "opposites attract"? Don't believe it. Want proof? Read about a pair of newlyweds who spent their honeymoon fishing in Alaska.

Everything You Need to Know About Fishing the Grub

The grub has been around for more than 40 years. It found its way into tackle boxes originally for freshwater bass fishermen. Here's everything you should know about this perennially popular lure.

Record Alaskan Halibut… Almost

A lucky angler lands the heaviest Alaskan halibut ever. So why didn't he make the record books?

Anglers Gear Up For Halibut Derby

May 24–25 marks the return of the Port Angeles Salmon Club's Halibut Derby. Get all the details for this popular Washington state event here.

Don’t Just See Alaska… Do Alaska

You can't really experience Alaska from a cruise ship. Find out why an active fishing or hunting adventure is what you've been dreaming of.

Killer Whale Steals Alaska Fisherman’s Catch [VIDEO]

An Alaska fisherman had a whale of a tale to tell after this near encounter.