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These three tips may help keep you alive if faced with deadly danger.

Savage introduces a new semi-automatic in .17 HMR. Here's the lowdown on this cool new rifle.

We field-tested Mossberg's versatile catalog of shotguns on a recent South Dakota turkey hunt. Here's our take on the company's offerings.

Since the creation of firearms, people have been trying to find stealthy ways to conceal them. Here are 8 really cool contraptions that are actually concealed firearms.

A 20mm cannon is a beast. It generates major recoil and total annihilation down range. We realize he knows this information, but this guy decides to shoot it from his hip. Watch the subsequent melee after his decision.

Interested in hunting game ranging in size from squirrels to elephants with the fewest guns possible? Well, with these 4 guns you can hunt any animal in the world.

These long-range air rifle shots will make you think more highly of pellet guns.

You think your cap-and-ball black powder revolver is big? Think again!

The lady in this video fires the Smith & Wesson 500 Magnum for the first time, and her skills are incredible.

When hunting antelope, the go to gun is usually a high powered rifle. This guy has decided to use a .357 Magnum revolver. Watch this great shot at 133 yards that takes down a nice antelope.