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Can Anything Penetrate Titanium? [VIDEO]

Is there a bullet powerful enough to penetrate titanium? This video puts that question to the test.

This Guy Built a 12-Gauge Repeater; Things Didn’t Quite Work Out...

Here's a perfect example of why some people will always need adult supervision.

This Is Why Smokeless Powder in a Muzzleloader Is Dangerous

We doubt you'll want to use smokeless powder in a muzzleloader after you see how this firearm was destroyed.

Will the Hearing Protection Act Make Silencers the Norm?

Will silencers become the norm in hunting and shooting? A new movement is pushing to make it so.

Ruger Pledges $4M to NRA

Ruger pledges a donation for every gun sold in the coming year.

3 Steps to Stay Alive [VIDEO]

These three tips may help keep you alive if faced with deadly danger.

Blast Those Varmints with Savage’s A17 Semi-Automatic Rifle [VIDEO]

Savage introduces a new semi-automatic in .17 HMR. Here's the lowdown on this cool new rifle.

Field Test: How Does Mossberg Perform During Spring Gobbler Season?

We field-tested Mossberg's versatile catalog of shotguns on a recent South Dakota turkey hunt. Here's our take on the company's offerings.

Young Sportsmen Will Never Again Outgrow Their Guns

Now you can buy quality guns for kids and re-stock when they grow up, without breaking the bank. It's called "growth insurance," and we have the inside look at this new program from Browning.

Study Shows Women Love the AR-15

While handguns are far and away the most popular firearms among female gun owners, AR-style rifles are making a major impact in the women’s market.