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The 10 guns every hunter wants in their dream collection.

Longtime BB-gun manufacturer Daisy introduces a line of youth-oriented archery gear including long bows, compound bows, and crossbows. Find out what products are available.

Modern airguns are futuristic in looks and performance. We took a few out for a test drive at a recent trade show, along with the Godfather of Airguns, Tom Gaylord. Find out which model served up an impressive performance.

Phil Robertson’s ‘Old and New’ Signature Mossbergs are just some of the great auction items offered at this year's Gunbroker auction to be held in conjunction with the SHOT Show. Here's a chance to get some great items for terrific cause.

Remington agrees to replace triggers that have been rumored to be defective.

Rifles and shotguns made by O.F. Mossberg are very modestly priced; in some cases, they're downright inexpensive. I've been testing these American-made firearms for nearly...

Sometimes hunting requires a lighter touch. Here are 5 options that are quiet, subtle, and very, very deadly.

On second thought, putting shooting targets on trees wasn't too bright.

Too often, hunters get a bad rap. But these facts destroy those arguments. See for yourself.

Whether you call them modern sporting rifles, black guns, or ARs, tactical gear is creeping (some would say marching) into the hunting world. Ever...