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Can Anything Penetrate Titanium? [VIDEO]

Is there a bullet powerful enough to penetrate titanium? This video puts that question to the test.

Man Damn Near Shoots His Head Off [VIDEO]

Gun safety should be first on everyone's mind. Guess nobody told this guy.

How to Store Your Guns for Next Deer Season [VIDEO]

You want to keep your guns in primo condition for next year's hunt, don't you? Then you'd better know how to properly store them. Here's a primer for those looking for a refresher.

Do You Know the Basics of Firearm Safety? You Might Be...

With lots of folks soon to get the gift of firepower, it's a good time to review these basic safety tips, as presented by the folks at Shoot Like a Girl.

This Guy Built a 12-Gauge Repeater; Things Didn’t Quite Work Out...

Here's a perfect example of why some people will always need adult supervision.

This Is Why Smokeless Powder in a Muzzleloader Is Dangerous

We doubt you'll want to use smokeless powder in a muzzleloader after you see how this firearm was destroyed.

How Bulletproof Are Pumpkins? [VIDEO]

Pumpkins make fun shooting targets and are inexpensive after Halloween. So exactly how many pumpkins does it take to stop a Desert Eagle .50 Cal? Watch this video to find out.

Ruger Pledges $4M to NRA

Ruger pledges a donation for every gun sold in the coming year.

Blast Those Varmints with Savage’s A17 Semi-Automatic Rifle [VIDEO]

Savage introduces a new semi-automatic in .17 HMR. Here's the lowdown on this cool new rifle.

Young Sportsmen Will Never Again Outgrow Their Guns

Now you can buy quality guns for kids and re-stock when they grow up, without breaking the bank. It's called "growth insurance," and we have the inside look at this new program from Browning.