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Watch a .22 Belt-Fed Machine Gun in Action [VIDEO]

Who wants a .22 belt-fed machine gun? We'll take one, thanks.

Shooting Jelly Beans Out of a Shotgun Shell [VIDEO]

You never know until you try, but shooting jelly beans with a shotgun seems pretty awesome. Check out the video.

What Your Favorite Rifle Cartridge Says About You

Our favorite rifle cartridge can tell an awful lot about us as shooters. What does your fave reveal about you?

Can Anything Penetrate Titanium? [VIDEO]

Is there a bullet powerful enough to penetrate titanium? This video puts that question to the test.

Man Damn Near Shoots His Head Off [VIDEO]

Gun safety should be first on everyone's mind. Guess nobody told this guy.

How to Store Your Guns for Next Deer Season [VIDEO]

You want to keep your guns in primo condition for next year's hunt, don't you? Then you'd better know how to properly store them. Here's a primer for those looking for a refresher.

Do You Know the Basics of Firearm Safety? You Might Be...

With lots of folks soon to get the gift of firepower, it's a good time to review these basic safety tips, as presented by the folks at Shoot Like a Girl.

This Guy Built a 12-Gauge Repeater; Things Didn’t Quite Work Out...

Here's a perfect example of why some people will always need adult supervision.

This Is Why Smokeless Powder in a Muzzleloader Is Dangerous

We doubt you'll want to use smokeless powder in a muzzleloader after you see how this firearm was destroyed.

How Bulletproof Are Pumpkins? [VIDEO]

Pumpkins make fun shooting targets and are inexpensive after Halloween. So exactly how many pumpkins does it take to stop a Desert Eagle .50 Cal? Watch this video to find out.