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Savage introduces a new semi-automatic in .17 HMR. Here's the lowdown on this cool new rifle.

Aluminum turbine slugs out of a shotgun is a pretty interesting concept. See the experimental slugs go through the paces of testing.

You never know until you try, but shooting jelly beans with a shotgun seems pretty awesome.

Meet the DP-12. The first ever double-barreled, pump action shotgun.

Who wants a .22 belt-fed machine gun? We do. After watching this amazing fully automatic .22 machine gun shoot, we are sure you will want one too. Check out this sweet running little machine gun.

A 20mm cannon is a beast. It generates major recoil and total annihilation down range. We realize he knows this information, but this guy decides to shoot it from his hip. Watch the subsequent melee after his decision.

Interested in hunting game ranging in size from squirrels to elephants with the fewest guns possible? Well, with these 4 guns you can hunt any animal in the world.

This young guy thinks he is tough, and he is very anxious to show the camera. He attempts to fire this behemoth revolver with just his left hand. Well, it did not go as planned. Watch what happened.

These long-range air rifle shots will make you think more highly of pellet guns.

You think your cap-and-ball black powder revolver is big? Think again!