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Scientists Agree: Great Lakes Wolves No Longer Endangered

Wolves kill a million and a half animals each year in the Great Lakes area, and are no longer endangered. So why are they still being protected?

Great Lakes Winter Steelhead Fishing

Cabela's reviews the best techniques and gear needed to target steelhead from a boat or the shore.

Winter Fishing Heats Up in Steelhead Alley

Anglers are coming down with steelhead fever. The bite has been hot, and primetime fishing is at an angler-friendly time of day. Discover the best spots and find out how to catch these beautiful fish.

Lake Huron Fishing Rebounds

After a collapse in the 90s, the Lake Huron fishery is bouncing back, but it has changed. Find out whether it's for better or for worse.

Two Lures to Catch Springtime Walleyes

A new tactic proves effective for enticing Great Lakes walleyes.

Dipsy Divers: Small Disk, Big Results

This flat disk enables anglers to troll multiple lines at once on the same side, and control the depth of their lure and its distance from their boat. Does it work? Read our report.