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Turn Your Phone Into a GPS Device

Now you can use your smart phone as a GPS unit.

How GPS Has Changed Hunting

Technology impacts hunting in almost every aspect, from the scopes we use to the compasses buried deep in our packs. The GPS is a necessary evil in today's day and age. Do you use one while hunting?

Are You Being Hunted? GPS Reveals Grizzly Bears Following Hunters

The hunter becomes the hunted as GPS reveals that bears (which are naturally very effective predators) are tracking hunters.

Hunting Cougar Through the Brutal Cold

The GPS affirms it: The dogs have trapped a cougar, 900 yards away. The bad news? It's zero degrees and their prey is 900 yards straight up a mountain.

Stay Connected Through Harsh Weather Conditions

If you're accustomed to using your cell phone for texts, mapping, weather forecasts, and searches during cold weather hunts, you face a problem. As if...

Hunters’ Choice: GPS or Smartphone?

You use your smart phone for finding the best local pizza place, and then use an app that gives directions to pick up your...

New GPS Units Offer More Sophistication

Here are two devices that will keep you arriving back home safely. Read our full reviews.

GPS 101

Late to the party? Once you get accustomed to accessing GPS technology, you'll wonder how you ever survived without it. Here's what you need to know.