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Bagging a big buck is tough, yet hoisting a mature gobbler over your shoulder can be even more challenging. Once you've located a flock of gobblers, use these tips to score.

What's Ol' Tom up to this summer? Find out how gobbler behavior changes with the seasons.

This young man from Georgia culminated his weekend of learning with a trophy eastern gobbler. Read about the NWTF's annual Turkey Hunt and Learn Weekend.

Bagging a spring gobbler with a bow takes preparation and patience. Tom Franklin took his shotgun and his Mathews bow to a blind, where the stick and string paid off.

Hunters that have spent hundreds of hours attempting to coax a spring gobbler into shotgun range may not believe that tom will ever attack....

No matter how hard you try, you can't be in multiple places at once. Or can you? Though science hasn't advanced far enough to...

There are many ways to bag a wild turkey during the fall season. If you're planning a longbeard hunt this fall, you've likely studied...

Turkey season has arrived in a few states, yet for most of the U.S., the booming gobbles of spring are just ahead. Cabelas and...

Spring gobbler hunting is truly heart pounding excitement. Add a bow and arrow to the mix and the thrill meter goes into the red....

Wild turkeys have the keenest senses among any game animal and can be especially difficult to hunt on days when the wind lays still...