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Bowhunter Kills Flying Goose [VIDEO]

Do you have a hard time killing geese with your shotgun? Maybe you should try archery gear. TV host Tim Wells demonstrates.

Everything You Need to Know About Cooking Waterfowl

Here's a great resource for all waterfowl hunters: a comprehensive guide to cooking waterfowl, from seasons to seasoning.

New Goose Decoy is Most Flexible Ever [VIDEO]

Here's an ingenious way to make your goose decoy spread different than every other spread around.

Hunting Early Season Canada Geese

It's time for early-season Canada goose. Check out the action as the Realtree team stakes out the fields of New York.

The Easiest Decoy Ever

Wrestling with decoys in the dark can be frustrating when the anchor lines tangle. Check out this cool, simple solution.

The Top 5 Hunting Locations in the U.S.

For hunters, these places are sacred ground and may even be mistaken for heaven.

12 New Waterfowl Guns for 2013

Waterfowl hunting requires specific gear, and the shotgun you carry to the pit, blind, or boat may be the most important piece. There are...

The Key Secret to Downing Geese

For quicker, cleaner kills on early-season honkers, take a page from the wild turkey playbook. Like geese, turkeys are large, heavily feathered birds, so...

5 Tips for Early-Season Geese

Traditional goose hunting happens on cold winter days with massive spreads of decoys, tons of preparation, and the necessity for great calling skills. Early season...

Why You Should Support Waterfowl Habitat

Food plots for deer are commonplace, but conservationists can be equally aggressive for the benefit of waterfowl. Find out why.