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Not Too Soon to Talk Turkey

Ready to talk turkey? Here's a turkey-calling idea that works tremendously well, especially for those who have difficulty with diaphragm callers.

How to Dress for the Hunt: One Step at a Time...

Are you looking for great quality, affordable gear for your hunt? Here is a step-by-step interactive breakdown of exactly what you need.

Hell’s Canyon Down Jacket Keeps Out the Elements

Browning introduces a new blended down insulator that handles water better than regular down, yet still insulates well. If you need a new jacket for fall hunting, check out this one. We give it a thumbs-up.

Ruger Pledges $4M to NRA

Ruger pledges a donation for every gun sold in the coming year.

Gear Test: Horton Ultra-Lite Crossbow

With deer season beginning across America, many hunters will be looking for a new crossbow. Horton crossbows now exhibit many of new owner's TenPoint's best features. We try them out in the wild.

Man Tries to Bike Away from Charging Grizzly [VIDEO]

Imagine being chased by a grizzly bear. In this terrifying video, an enormous grizzly chases a man on a bicycle. It appears the biker is getting away until there's a log in the road. We've read reports that this may be a faked video, but what would you do in this situation?

Camo Is Way Cool for School

This year, send your youngster back to school with gear that sports an outdoors theme.

Great Gear for Late-Season Turkey Hunting

As the spring turkey season heads into the late innings, your hunting gear becomes extra important. These products have worked extremely well this season, and they can make a difference in your gobbler season’s second-half.

Check Out This Cool Deer-Hauling Device [VIDEO]

The Car-Go-Cart makes transferring deer from ground to vehicle a breeze. Watch the video and see for yourself.

Three Great New Bows from TenPoint

TenPoint Crossbows now offers three product lines of innovative gear. We got an unique opportunity to test them out; see what we discovered.