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This Gator Hunt Will Rattle Even the Bravest Hunter [VIDEO]

Sink your teeth into the excitement of an alligator bowhunt.

How to Prepare for a Gator Hunt

If you've ever dreamed of hunting gators, this is the essential knowledge you must have.

10-Year-Old Girl Shoots Monster Gator

Move over, Katniss! A 10-year-old girl killed a 13-foot-long alligator with nothing more than a crossbow and a lot of pluck.

Bayou Alligator Devours Wild Hog [VIDEO]

Watch as an alligator takes down a wild hog. Were the tourists on the boat responsible? Let us know what you think. Warning: This video is not for the squeamish.

World Record Gator Goes Public

Alligators can grow to immense size, as this family learned while hunting. They came across a behemoth weighing in at more than half a ton. Check out the impressive pictures.

How to Skin an Alligator [VIDEO]

Here's how to skin, de-bone, and flesh out an alligator. Just in case you were wondering how it's done.

How to Bowhunt Giant Gators

Hunting alligators is the closest you can get to hunting a dinosaur, which is a bragging point all its own. But hunting them is one thing; bringing home a huge gator is another.

Get Your S.C. Gator Permit Now

You may have hunted your share of squirrels, rabbits, deer, turkeys, doves, and more, and may even have some larger game animals like moose...