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Hunting plots may be more challenging than you think. Here are eight specific details you must not overlook.

When it comes to well-designed food plots, Irregular edges attract and hold more game.

Most food plot conditions are less than perfect, yet savvy food plotters can still create deer magnets even in tough locations. It’s just a matter of preparation, execution and good plot maintenance. Here's how to do it.

Once the food plot takes off, there are still improvements to be made. Here's a checklist of what you need to do to be fully ready for deer season.

Spring planting time will be here soon. Now's the time to plan to control weeds. Here's what you need to know, straight from the Mossy Oak Gamekeepers Club.

Planted food plots are an ideal to attract and hold deer. It's not too soon to get started.

A wide variety of animals benefit from any food plot, even predators. Best of all, they help keep the hunting excitement going year-round, instead of for a few weeks in the fall.

Despite the arrival of fall, it's not too late to plant a food plot. Here's how.

It's not too late to plant a back-woods food plot, even with hand tools. Here's our recommendation for a great seed.

Learn the basics of food plots from the pros at the Mossy Oak GameKeepers Club.