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New World Record Seatrout?

Remember the scene from Caddyshack where Bill Murray's character, Carl the groundskeeper, caddies for the Bishop's epic round, where he ultimately is struck by...

Handlining Goliath Grouper [VIDEO]

The Skyway Bridge in St. Petersburg, Florida, offers some amazing fishing. See what happens when a nice-sized Goliath Grouper decides to play tug-of-war with one lucky angler.

Man Rescues Black Bear from Drowning [VIDEO]

When a huge black bear wandered into a residential area in Alligator Point, Florida, wildlife officers knew they had to trap and remove him from the neighborhood. But when they tried to sedate the bear, things started to go horribly wrong.

Massive 300-lb. Grouper Reeled in from the Sand [VIDEO]

A couple fishing at the beach get a huge surprise when they reel in a 300 pound Goliath grouper.

Topwater Hour Jacks [VIDEO]

A pair of anglers battle big mean jacks biting topwater lures off the Space Coast of northern Florida. They seem a little undergunned, if you ask us.

Watch These Guys Catch a Truly Massive Goliath Grouper [VIDEO]

This may well be the largest goliath grouper ever caught... at least on video. This is an impressive haul, with a surprising outcome.

Sharking at Sebastian Inlet [VIDEO]

Florida anglers find a spot where "the tarpon, redfish and snook were so thick you could walk on them." That was before one of them hooked onto a shark... Watch the amazing video.

Manic Manatee Upends Paddleboarder [VIDEO]

This manatee gives an ocean paddle boarder the ride of his life. Watch the amazing video.

Tips for Successful Pier Fishing

Pier fishing isn't just for the newly initiated. It can be fun even for seasoned anglers like myself. Read a collection of great tips on how to make a day on the pier a resounding success.

Winter Inshore Action Is Hot at Mosquito Lagoon

Florida is a hot spot for all kinds of fishing. A great Florida fishing spot this time of year is Mosquito Lagoon, on the Atlantic coast. We have an in-person report on recent activity in the area.