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This manatee gives an ocean paddle boarder the ride of his life. Watch the amazing video.

Pier fishing isn't just for the newly initiated. It can be fun even for seasoned anglers like myself. Read a collection of great tips on how to make a day on the pier a resounding success.

Florida is a hot spot for all kinds of fishing. A great Florida fishing spot this time of year is Mosquito Lagoon, on the Atlantic coast. We have an in-person report on recent activity in the area.

Right now, flyfishing anglers are having a blast in as little as three feet of water! Find out where, and what they're targeting.

The IFA Redfish Tour is collaborating with the Student Angler Federation to put on a fishing tournament for high school kids. There's time to get in on the fun; get all the details.

Learn why fishing the Florida Keys practically guarantees you a monster cobia catch.

Find out why bass anglers don't need to hang up their rods during the winter months.

Ever wondered what it would be like to go hog hunting with elephant guns? Well, these two guys in Florida did.

A Florida vacationer was hoping to catch some pompano with the shrimp he was using as bait. Instead, he caught something very unusual. You'll be amazed at what it was.

The Goliath Grouper population has recovered significantly since being listed as a protected species. Should its fishery be re-opened? Read the pros and cons of the issue.