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Hunter Saves Deer from Python Death Grip [VIDEO]

This is definitely not something you want to walk up on while you’re hunting.

Boar Hunting with the Henry .44 Mag [VIDEO]

After being shot, this boar spins and makes to attack its shooter. Fortunately, the Big Boy .44 did its job, and the boar fell over dead. See how this gun performs out to 100 yards.

How to Prepare for a Gator Hunt

If you've ever dreamed of hunting gators, this is the essential knowledge you must have.

Great New Gear from Field & Stream Raises the Bar

Check out these warm-weather products from Field & Stream. Our field testers couldn't get enough of the stuff.

Turkey Hunting with a Pistol [VIDEO]

Do you have what it take to hunt turkeys with a pistol? This shooter sure does.

Hog Hunting with Double Rifles [VIDEO]

Imagine hunting for hogs with elephant guns! It actually happened; check out this video.

Florida Snake Hunters Kill Dozens of Pythons

Would you hunt pythons? These hunters did, and now there are dozens less of these big snakes roaming the Florida Everglades.

Burglar Hides in Lake, Killed by Alligator

When you're trying to avoid the cops in alligator territory, a lake might not be the best place to hide. One dumb criminal paid for this mistake with his life.

Florida Town Uses Drones to Track Residential Coyote

This town is using a drone to find coyotes. But you won't believe the asinine reason behind this considerable effort.

Water Moccasin Bites Teen in Face [VIDEO]

Snakes are not meant to be played with. Especially poisonous ones.