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Flint Rainbow Fishing Club to Host Veterans [PICS]

Michigan's famous Flint Rainbow Club once again hosts 7 veterans of various Project Healing Waters programs, Sept 9–16, on the Pere Marquette and Manistee Rivers.

Boating Fail: How Not to Use a Boat Ramp [VIDEO]

Boat ramps can be a place of big problems. Just ask the poor sap in this video.

Why You Need to Dispose of Your Old Fishing Line Properly

Anglers owe it to the environment, as well as to wildlife, to pick up after themselves.

This Bald Eagle is a Master of Improvisation [VIDEO]

A majestic bald eagle is captured on video as it swoops down to pluck a fish out of the water. What happens next is totally unexpected.

Anglers Hook 1,000-lb. Hammerhead Shark in Epic Battle [VIDEO]

Imagine half a ton of shark on rod and reel? Watch as these intrepid anglers do battle with a 13' 9", half-ton hammerhead shark. This is compelling stuff!

Angler Gets Pulled Overboard by Giant Fish [VIDEO]

Every angler dreams of big fish, yet this fellow got a bit more than he bargained for.

Frog or Fish? Take a Gander at This Creepy Critter [VIDEO]

The elusive hairy frogfish is captured on video; see the incredible footage of this rare creature.

Nine-Year-Old Catches 600-lb. Fish [VIDEO]

After a nearly two-hour struggle, a nine-year-old angler reels in a great white sturgeon estimated at 600 pounds. Read the details and see the video.

Epic Southern Bluefin Tuna Battle

A five-hour battle results in a massive tuna haul for these Aussie anglers.

Fishing Show Host Brie Gabrielle Crowned Miss Florida USA

The worlds of beauty pageants and fishing cross paths as Brie Gabrielle, host of the ever-popular Chevy Florida Insider Fishing Report, takes the crown as Miss Florida USA.