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In 2014, American hunters and anglers paid more than one billion dollars in taxes. And they were glad to do it. Sound odd? Find out why.

A young angler hooks into a nice musky using his Toyota Corolla as his fishing platform! Don't believe it? Watch this video and see for yourself.

These folks take things to the next level with underwater bowfishing.

This catfish almost seems docile, allowing the noodler to place his hand inside the catfish's mouth and just grab it. Is this how it always works? Watch and see for yourself.

Whether you hunt, fish, or camp, you'll want to take a look at these pictures and let them motivate you to get out there and enjoy this great world that's available to us.

Check out this clip from the documentary "Pursuing Esox: Pike, Musky, and Pickerel on the Fly." The documentary explores the cultural phenomena surrounding the world of Esox fishing on the fly--the tying, the boats, the people, and their obsessive lifestyles.

Join a master sportfishing captain as he journeys to the Pacific Ocean's uninhabited Clipperton Island, on his way to snagging four IGFA world records.

With spring around the corner, people will flock to the water soon. It’s important to know and practice proper river etiquette.

The queenfish likes to patrol the shallow mangrove waters of Western Australia. Its true stature is captured in this compelling video; check it out.

Find out what happens when two fly bums travel to remote Central American rivers to catch these amazing fish, on the fly, and from a float tube! It's truly impressive stuff.