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Tickborne Allergen Causes Reactions to Deer Meat

A tickborne condition can change your life as a deer hunter forever -- and not in the way that you might think.

Bowfishing for Jumping Carp

Aerial bowfishing is sure-fire way to add some excitement to your next aquatic adventure.

Jumping Carp Breaks Woman’s Jaw

A jumping carp breaks a woman's jaw in Illinois.

Catch More Steelheads with This Simple Tactic [VIDEO]

Salmon skein (eggs) might be the answer to catching a lot of steelhead.

Turtle Just About Loses His Head to Hungry Fish [VIDEO]

Check out close this snapping turtle came to dying as a fish snatches its meal away from it.

A Hilarious Take on Fishing with the Game Warden [VIDEO]

Comedian Jerry Clower gives his take on fishing with the Game Warden.

Bowfishing from a Ground Blind [VIDEO]

Here's an interesting way to get close to the fish: Bowfishing from a ground blind.

Releasing a Lake Trout in Slo-MO [VIDEO]

Watch as this lake trout is returned to the water, all captured in glorious slow motion.

How to Catch Big Blue Catfish

If you want to be a blue cat fisherman, we have the know-how. Read on...

How to Catch Big Pike Through the Ice [VIDEO]

Learn how to catch big pike through the ice.