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These experts know how to put pre-spawn crappie in the live-well and on the stringer. Their tips can help you do the same.

Two walleye anglers hoping to catch a few fish for the table end up with a 105-pound monster.

Sometimes, when you're fly-fishing certain trout waters, it's worth it to break out your midge box. Here's what you need to know to get started fishing midges.

When one thinks of piranhas, kid-friendly fishing probably isn't the first thing that comes to mind. Guess what? It actually is! Don't believe it? Read on.

The popularity of our sport is growing among women. And for good reason. Fellows, here are some great tips on introducing the females in your life to the joy of fishing.

Fishing isn't always about catching, but catching certainly makes an outing better. Read how one angler fishes streamers for early season success.

Urban fishing is a great way to get in a quick session when you don't have time to get away, and it's catching on in London. Find out what local anglers are catching in the rivers and canals criss-crossing this grand old city.

Pier fishing isn't just for the newly initiated. It can be fun even for seasoned anglers like myself. Read a collection of great tips on how to make a day on the pier a resounding success.

Lionfish are thought not to have any natural predators, due to the poisonous spines that surround them. Or at least that was the thinking until recently captured this amazing footage. Check it out.

If you're a fan of Outdoor Life magazine, you'll enjoy this great opportunity to access every issue in their 117-year history.