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The first week of the Florida mullet migration offers lots of excitement. Watch tarpon explode out of the water, bull sharks chasing tarpon and mullet, jacks in a total feeding frenzy, and massive bait balls blowing up.

This expert catches many fish on frogs throughout the year on tough fisheries in Illinois. In this video, he shares tips that will help you not only fish a frog better, but give you more confidence to throw it around shallow cover.

Another crucial U.S. fish stock is rebuilt; find out why this is so important in this heartening story.

Remember the scene from Caddyshack where Bill Murray's character, Carl the groundskeeper, caddies for the Bishop's epic round, where he ultimately is struck by...

The Skyway Bridge in St. Petersburg, Florida, offers some amazing fishing. See what happens when a nice-sized Goliath Grouper decides to play tug-of-war with one lucky angler.

Learn how to tie the FG knot the quickest way possible.

The Wizard gains a new female greenhorn, Amy Majors. She's the first female crew member on The Deadliest Catch. How do you think she fared?

Learn about the telltale sign that can lead you to smallmouth success.

Mexican companies representing 93% of total tuna production in Mexico have committed to withdrawing from fishing Pacific bluefin tuna for the next five years. Find out why.

A couple fishing at the beach get a huge surprise when they reel in a 300 pound Goliath grouper.