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Killer Catfish Hunt Pigeons on Land [VIDEO]

A population of catfish have been honing quite a remarkable hunting technique. These catfish have developed a way to catch and eat pigeons by partially coming out of the water. Watch these catfish eat pigeons.

How to Fine Tune Your Ice Fishing Sonar Unit [VIDEO]

Learn how to catch bigger fish through the ice.

Two State Record Blues in Two Days

Every angler would love to hold title to a state record. But how about claiming two in two days?

Bass Pro Shops Considering Buying Cabela’s [VIDEO]

Bass Pro Shops is considering purchasing Cabela's. This would put Bass Pro at the top of the outdoor market. What do you think; would this be good for outdoors enthusiasts?

Here’s a Great Gift Idea for the Angler who Needs a...

What to get the fishing enthusiast who has everything except that monster trout he or she has dreamed of for a lifetime? Here's a great gift idea.

Conquer Land and Sea with the Sealander [VIDEO]

Want to combine a camping and fishing excursion without giving up ease of use? Check out this combination trailer and boat.

Slug Ice Fishing Pike [VIDEO]

Lake of the Woods has a reputation for delivering big fish. This fantastic pike catch doesn't disappoint.

Monster 250-lb. Catfish Reeled In [VIDEO]

Watch the epic battle of one angler vs. beast as he catches a catfish that no skillet would hold.

Gathering Fishing Bait Has Never Been Easier [VIDEO]

Here's an easy way to catch all of the fishing bait you'll ever need.

Confessions of a Camo Queen: Life with a Camo Guy

Find out what it's like to be married to an avid outdoorsman. Read the uncensored confessions of a "camo queen."