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Ninja Fishing London

Urban fishing is a great way to get in a quick session when you don't have time to get away, and it's catching on in London. Find out what local anglers are catching in the rivers and canals criss-crossing this grand old city.

Tips for Successful Pier Fishing

Pier fishing isn't just for the newly initiated. It can be fun even for seasoned anglers like myself. Read a collection of great tips on how to make a day on the pier a resounding success.

Lionfish No Longer King? [VIDEO]

Lionfish are thought not to have any natural predators, due to the poisonous spines that surround them. Or at least that was the thinking until recently captured this amazing footage. Check it out.

How to Read 117 Years of Outdoor Life Magazine Online

If you're a fan of Outdoor Life magazine, you'll enjoy this great opportunity to access every issue in their 117-year history.

Cow Yellowfin Tuna Off Venice Louisiana

A fishing captain recounts a story where the tuna were so fired up, they were biting on baby carrots! You have to read it to believe it!

Getting Away in the Colorado Wilderness

It's getting ever harder to find low-pressured fishing spots, but one great way is to hike into the backcountry of Colorado. We'll tell you when and how to do it.

Fishing the Perfect Two-Fly Trout Rig

Trout behavior is ever-changing; techniques that work at one part of the day can do nothing for you later on. Nip this problem in the bud by trying this two-fly setup to ignite a finicky trout bite.

Winter Inshore Action Is Hot at Mosquito Lagoon

Florida is a hot spot for all kinds of fishing. A great Florida fishing spot this time of year is Mosquito Lagoon, on the Atlantic coast. We have an in-person report on recent activity in the area.

7 Essential Walleye Crankbaits

If you need help with what to buy for trolling or casting cranks for walleyes, this guide should help. Here are the seven cranks every walleye angler should own.

RIGRAP Introduces Ceramic Cutters

Braided fishing line is always a real challenge to cut, but a new product promises to put an end to that particular frustration.