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Winter Inshore Action Is Hot at Mosquito Lagoon

Florida is a hot spot for all kinds of fishing. A great Florida fishing spot this time of year is Mosquito Lagoon, on the Atlantic coast. We have an in-person report on recent activity in the area.

7 Essential Walleye Crankbaits

If you need help with what to buy for trolling or casting cranks for walleyes, this guide should help. Here are the seven cranks every walleye angler should own.

RIGRAP Introduces Ceramic Cutters

Braided fishing line is always a real challenge to cut, but a new product promises to put an end to that particular frustration.

How to Take That Hero Fishing Shot

Learn how to win the internet with amazing pictures of your next great catch.

10 Tips for Great Coldwater Fishing

Check out these 10 tips for getting your fish on in cold weather.

Brooklyn Teen Catches First Grander of 2015 [VIDEO]

In a half hour, a teenage angler in Hawaii accomplished what many anglers only dream of ever achieving... a grander blue marlin! Read the amazing tale.

Learning How Not to Fall

First rule of fishing: Don't fall out of your craft. Sometimes that's easier said than done, particularly when you're fishing from a kayak. Here are some tips to help you keep your balance.

Chickamauga Yields State Record Bass

A Tennessee angler catches a 15.2-lb. largemouth bass out of Lake Chickamauga, one that figures to be Tennessee’s new state record. Read the full story.

A Fishing Love Story

You know the saying "opposites attract"? Don't believe it. Want proof? Read about a pair of newlyweds who spent their honeymoon fishing in Alaska.

Pre-Spawn Strategy for Big Bass

The change in season signals a change in bass behavior. It's the pre-spawn period that finds bass on the move and hungry to bite! Here's how to make the most of the new season.