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Journey to the exotic African nation of Lesotho, where these fly anglers have traveled to catch trophy rainbow trout.

Kevin VanDam, one of the globe's premier anglers, offers a full-length primer on crankbait fishing.

Use this rig to take down shellcrackers.

After being depleted decades ago by overfishing, rockfish — a genus of more than 100 tasty species — have made a remarkable comeback. So why are restaurants frequently misidentifying them?

If you get the opportunity to fish with a guy who is named after the fish he catches, you better go with him. That's why went drove out to Sam Rayburn Reservoir in East Texas to fish with the legendary Mr. Crappie.

Watch a 9-lb. bass attack a lunker frog in the air beside the angler's boat.

Kelly Hutson of Durham, California is known as "the Crayfish King." Find out how he got that moniker and the interesting way he makes a living on the water.

Recent news of a shocking maritime discovery -- a smallmouth bass with a cancerous tumor -- has shocked Pennsylvania anglers. Find out what they're doing about it.

Biologists discovered a 1,000-lb. giant squid with 16-foot-long tentacles in New Zealand. This is no movie effect--this is real. See for yourself.

Watch an 80-lb. marlin caught by handline in just 8 minutes.