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Huge Mayfly Hatch Overwhelms Upper Midwest [VIDEO]

A summer mayfly hatch on the Minnesota-Wisconsin border causes a three-car crash.

Maryland Offers Program for Outdoorswomen [VIDEO]

Take a peek at the Maryland Department of Natural Resources' Wildlife and Heritage Service workshop for outdoorswomen.

BoatUS Offers Map of Life Jacket Loaner Sites

If you need to borrow a kid's life jacket for the day or weekend, chances are there is one near you at one of the over 1,500 life jacket loaner sites across the country. Here's how to locate one.

This Insulated Tent Brings Camping Comfort to a New Level

Conventional tent design offers little or no insulation from the outside world. A new product promises to change all that.

Experience the Thrill of Bowfishing [VIDEO]

This bowfishing rig is a complete set up with everything you need to hit the water and arrow some fish.

Angler Uses iPhone as Fishing Lure [VIDEO]

Here's a unique way to recycle an iPhone.

Try This Fat-Free, Delicious 7-Minute Fish Recipe

This delicious fish recipe can be prepared in just seven minutes.

25 Awesome Hunting and Fishing Tattoos

Do you have a tattoo that shows your love for the outdoors? Field & Stream compiled a slideshow of their 25 best reader tattoos.

The Strongest Line-to-Line Knot [VIDEO]

Tying two fishing lines together is simple with this small but strong knot.

Snake Tries to Eat Catfish [VIDEO]

Check out this video as a snake tries to pull a catfish to the bank.