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If you're intrigued by this unique style of fishing, you won't want to miss this most informative article.

Residents of Mississippi may soon have the best excuse ever for going on a hunting or fishing trip -– it’s their constitutional right.

Recently, an Alaskan angler came across a most unusual sight: a giant woolly mammoth tusk. But that's not the amazing part...

A new bait has been designed by a Bassmaster pro to be fished in a number of ways. Learn about this interesting new product.

Snook is a very accessible fish for all anglers. Learn all the details of Florida snook harvest regulations and best practices.

We field-test STORMR's rain gear during a week in the Alaskan bush.

Check out this video to learn how to fish live frogs for big walleyes.

If you're brave enough to fish for wahoos, here are some tips and techniques to help you have a successful trip.

Alaska is such a harsh environment for hunters and fishers that almost any outing becomes an adventure safari. Follow along on the recent Wounder Warriors Project through this amazing landscape.

The ruggedly tailored 2014 Nissan Titan, piloted by two Wounded Warrior Project Alumni, is now primed with all the necessary equipment to take on the rigorous Alaskan wilderness in an adventure beginning this week.