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Experience the Thrill of Bowfishing [VIDEO]

This bowfishing rig is a complete set up with everything you need to hit the water and arrow some fish.

Angler Uses iPhone as Fishing Lure [VIDEO]

Here's a unique way to recycle an iPhone.

Try This Fat-Free, Delicious 7-Minute Fish Recipe

This delicious fish recipe can be prepared in just seven minutes.

25 Awesome Hunting and Fishing Tattoos

Do you have a tattoo that shows your love for the outdoors? Field & Stream compiled a slideshow of their 25 best reader tattoos.

The Strongest Line-to-Line Knot [VIDEO]

Tying two fishing lines together is simple with this small but strong knot.

Snake Tries to Eat Catfish [VIDEO]

Check out this video as a snake tries to pull a catfish to the bank.

Tickborne Allergen Causes Reactions to Deer Meat

A tickborne condition can change your life as a deer hunter forever -- and not in the way that you might think.

Bowfishing for Jumping Carp

Aerial bowfishing is sure-fire way to add some excitement to your next aquatic adventure.

Jumping Carp Breaks Woman’s Jaw

A jumping carp breaks a woman's jaw in Illinois.

Catch More Steelheads with This Simple Tactic [VIDEO]

Salmon skein (eggs) might be the answer to catching a lot of steelhead.