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Snook is a very accessible fish for all anglers. Learn all the details of Florida snook harvest regulations and best practices.

We field-test STORMR's rain gear during a week in the Alaskan bush.

Check out this video to learn how to fish live frogs for big walleyes.

If you're brave enough to fish for wahoos, here are some tips and techniques to help you have a successful trip.

Alaska is such a harsh environment for hunters and fishers that almost any outing becomes an adventure safari. Follow along on the recent Wounder Warriors Project through this amazing landscape.

The ruggedly tailored 2014 Nissan Titan, piloted by two Wounded Warrior Project Alumni, is now primed with all the necessary equipment to take on the rigorous Alaskan wilderness in an adventure beginning this week.

Recently, a Malibu resident made the news by catching a bluefin tuna on the beach — with her bare hands! Find out all about her remarkable catch.

A sea lion is tossed high into the air by a whale as a group of shocked anglers roll camera. See the amazing footage.

In a year when we have already seen multiple opah and a bluefin tuna caught off the beach in Malibu, the rarest catch yet may have just happened. Read about an amazing haul.

The U.S. Geological Survey has made a startling discovery in some of our nation's waterways — male bass carrying eggs! Find out what may be causing this disturbing trend.