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Try This Fat-Free, Delicious 7-Minute Fish Recipe

This delicious fish recipe can be prepared in just seven minutes.

Fish Tacos with Homemade Pico De Gallo [RECIPE]

Want to do something new with all that fish have you have frozen away? How about fish tacos? Here's a great recipe that's easy to make.

Frog or Fish? Take a Gander at This Creepy Critter [VIDEO]

The elusive hairy frogfish is captured on video; see the incredible footage of this rare creature.

Talk About Deep Sea Fishing!

Using five unmanned rovers that were deployed at varying depths, an international team of scientists recently made a slew of discoveries, including a previously unknown fish species found at over 8,000 meters in depth. Read about this amazing exploration.

Appreciating the Bowfin

While many anglers consider the bowfin a trash fish, but one pro describes how he learned to appreciate this ancient fish.

Finfish Identification

A visual guide to true fish.

Know the Difference: Salmon and Brown Trout

Migratory and landlocked Atlantic salmon juveniles and adults can be difficult to distinguish from brown trout. With different size and bag limit restrictions for these two species, it's important to know how to identify them properly. This guide will help.

Know Your Fish: Common Fish Species

Know what you've landed! Check out this visual guide to 25 common species of fish.

How to Measure a Fish

Make sure you're not exceeding size limits unknowingly. This handy reference guide will ensure you're following regulations.

Holiday Gifts for Hunters (or Yourself)

Some people are easy to buy for, others make gift-giving quite a challenge. If there's a hunter or outdoor-lover on your to-buy-for list this...