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Is it firearm or archery? Maybe both. Check out a video showing the testing of a small hunting arrow inside a shotgun shell.

Since the creation of firearms, people have been trying to find stealthy ways to conceal them. Here are 8 really cool contraptions that are actually concealed firearms.

Check out this "first ever" program for families and firearms

The Ruger Hawkeye Predator is now offered in .308 Winchester with a 22-inch barrel. We put the new release to the test; see the full results.

Knowing how your shotgun patterns is equally important for home defense and in the turkey woods. This video will show you how to handle your weapon in close quarters.

Four shots. Four bucks down. Having the right firearms made all the difference on a recent South Dakota hunt.

Getting caught in a sudden storm doesn't have to mean a shower for your favorite rifle or shotgun. Rain-Buddy is like an umbrella in your pocket.

Know them; live them. These rules could save your life.

Many sportsmen enjoy shooting handguns, which double as home-protection firearms. On the range, one handles and fires a pistol following strict rules to ensure...

Hunting can be extremely exciting, emotional, and physically taxing, so much so that some of the basic rules of firearm safety can be forgotten...