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Gear Test: Excalibur Micro/Aimpoint H-2

Excalibur Crossbows and Aimpoint sights make a great team. We field-tested some of the newest offerings on an African safari; here are the results.

Muddy Field Test: Nissan Frontier PRO-4X

Looking for your next great outdoors vehicle? The Nissan Frontier has both a car and truck personality, and handles the duality with aplomb.

Field Test: Nissan’s 2015 Frontier Pro-4X, a Hunting-Ready Vehicle That Rides...

The 2015 Nissan Frontier Pro-4X handled all that an Arctic blizzard could dish out on a recent hunting expedition. Read the full trip report/vehicle review.

In-Line Crossbow Field Tested on an African Safari

If you can no longer handle shooting a heavy draw weight, the Draw-Loc In-Line device may be the answer. It attaches easily and allows you to shoot comfortably and accurately. Read our full review.

Teton Tested: ScentBlocker Jacket with Trinity Scent Control

Elk hunting can be one of the most strenuous adventures a hunter can take. Particularly during the rut, archers may cover five to ten miles...

Teton Tested: Mission MXB-320

My Wyoming archery elk hunt was a weather adventure. The floods that ravished Colorado spilled into Wyoming and my week saw frequent downpours, wild...