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Field dressing a deer doesn't have to be a chore. This video shows how to do it quickly and simply.

Hunting guide and taxidermist Marty Davison has an unique way to field dress deer that will save time while still allowing you to doing the job properly. See how he does it.

The days of field-dressing deer could be over. Learn why you may never have to gut a deer again.

Learn the biggest mistake most people make when they cape out a deer to bring to the taxidermist.

Hunter's Specialties offers two essential field dressing tools in one package; making field-dressing a breeze.

Leaving the back-straps of a deer in the woods is unconscionable for most hunters (not to mention illegal), yet sportsmen routinely discard the heart...

In our increasingly technological world, finding an all-natural blade that's sharper than a surgeon's scalpel seems impossible, yet by shattering volcanic glass, shards are...