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Worst Wild Boar Attacks of All Time [VIDEO]

See ten hog encounters where it all went south.

Hunting Hogs From a Helicopter [VIDEO]

Hunting hogs from a helicopter might look like fun, but these hunters are also doing a service to landowners.

Louisiana Hunters Kill More Hogs Than Deer

Will wild hogs rival deer as your state's number one big-game animal? Sounds crazy, but it's happening.

Video: Night Hunting for Texas Hogs

The wild hog population in the United States is expanding to the point that states will allow almost any type of hunting to control...

Will Hunters Be Allowed to Go Whole Hog?

Wild hogs are coming! Wild hogs are coming! Like a pest-control Paul Revere, wildlife officials are warning about the dramatic population increase in wild hogs, and...

Texas Feral Hog Number to Triple By 2018

The Lone Star State is well known for many reasons: The Alamo, longhorn cattle, Longhorn football, football in general, cowboys, and much more. The...

Hunting Feral Hogs at Night with Drone

If you like action, you'll love this video.

Can New York Eradicate Feral Swine?

Feral hogs compete with other wildlife for food, damage crops and carry diseases that can harm native wildlife in many states. Once established, these...