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Teen Gets Revenge on Fawn-Killing Coyote

They say revenge can be sweet. And when it’s revenge on a predator in the wild, it seems to be all the sweeter.

Little Girl Pets Fawn [VIDEO]

Watch as a young girl pets a fawn.

Woman Captures Deer Birth on Video, Right Outside Her Window

Watch as a woman films a deer giving birth right outside her backyard window.

Think That Fawn Is Abandoned? Think Again

Treat a fawn like a bear cub. The best bet is to back away slowly, because they're rarely alone.

Rare Piebald Fawn Born in Georgia [VIDEO]

Whitetail deer are rarely born in color variations, yet this fawn and a sibling recently arrived in Georgia. Unfortunately, the fawn has birth defects and may never live a normal life.

What’s Killing Your Fawns?

What's happening in your deer herd? Are you having a fawn mortality problem? Here are three ways to find out.

Want to Hunt Big Bucks? Hunt Predators First

Learn the most vital step toward keep fawns alive and healthy long enough to grow into bucks worth hunting.