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Elk Hunter Is Surrounded By Wolves [VIDEO]

How would you handle being surrounded by wolves elk hunting? It would be a fear hard to explain until you had to experience it for yourself. Watch this dramatic video to see how it played out for one unsuspecting hunter.

10 Hunts You Can’t Turn Down

These are the 10 hunts you should take before you die.

Bugling Bull Elk: You’ll Never Forget the Sound [VIDEO]

Have you experienced the hair-raising sound of an elk bugle? It's a sound you won't soon forget. Watch this video and be amazed.

Guard Rail Takes the Brunt of Elk Fight [VIDEO]

Sometimes elk fights can be funny. A highway guard rail is all that's keeping these two bull elk apart.

See How Antlers Grow on a Huge Elk [VIDEO]

See how antlers grow, week by week, on one of the biggest elks in the world.

You Can’t Beat This Bugle

If you are elk hunting, a bugle tube can be your best friend. This easy-to-use call has the flexibility to interchange multiple replacement reeds for the desired elk sounds.

Bull Elk At Two Yards [VIDEO]

Bull elk can walk right up on a hunter. That's why it pays to be prepared at all times. Watch what happens when this hunter has a close encounter with a bull elk.

It’s a Big Year for Elk Antler Growth

Do you have an elk hunt booked for 2015? If so, start getting excited. Plenty of rain in spring and summer should mean larger antlers this fall.

Cougar Drinks at Elk’s Club

A cougar sneaks a drink in the dark in front of two elk.

Idaho Officials Kill 19 Wolves to Boost Elk Herds

Wolves are suspected to have reduced an elk herd by 96%. Find out how government professionals are working to reduce wolf numbers in order to give elk a chance to recover.