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The Boulder police officer who killed an elk will be on probation. Read the full story.

With elk season upon us, here's a brief but valuable guide for DIY elk hunters.

Broadhead performance is critical for big-game success. Here's a look at one man's success.

Elk hunting is one of the grandest adventures of North America. We have good advice for you, whether you're a newbie to the sport, or a seasoned veteran.

These Western-themed animal targets are great fun and create effective practice for the field. They're so inexpensive, you can practically hunt elk for the price of a hamburger!

For the first time, the Pennsylvania Game & Fish Commission has authorized the raffle of an elk tag. Learn why this lottery drawing could be the hunt of a lifetime for any sportsman.

A wolf summit is being held at Yellowstone National Park in late June. Find out whether your tax dollars are supporting anti-hunting organizations.

Montana elk hunters rescue an an elk from icy lake waters in this fascinating clip.

Seeing a majestic Pennsylvania bull elk is an exciting event. A new program aims to bring the elk experience to schools and civic groups. Find out how you can sign up.

Idaho launches a hunter-friendly ten-year elk management program. With an abundance of tags, hunters can plan on a great adventure. Get all the details.