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A Shot at Redmption

You would think that with as many years that I have hunting under my belt, that I would know enough to not tempt fate...

Elk Hunters Face Off in the World Series

Both managers of the World Series teams are avid elk hunters. One man knows both hunters well and offers his unique perspective on the pair.

When Hunting Elk, Make Some Noise

Elk are normally noisy animals, so creating realistic, natural-movement sounds can boost your success. Gain some insight into this valuable hunting strategy.

ScentBlocker’s Guide to a DIY Elk Hunt

With elk season upon us, here's a brief but valuable guide for DIY elk hunters.

The Best Broadhead for Big Game?

Broadhead performance is critical for big-game success. Here's a look at one man's success.

Bowhunting Elk: A Thinking Man’s Game

Elk hunting is one of the grandest adventures of North America. We have good advice for you, whether you're a newbie to the sport, or a seasoned veteran.

Sharpen Your Aiming Skills with These Western-Themed Targets

These Western-themed animal targets are great fun and create effective practice for the field. They're so inexpensive, you can practically hunt elk for the price of a hamburger!

Win a Pennsylvania Elk Hunt

For the first time, the Pennsylvania Game & Fish Commission has authorized the raffle of an elk tag. Learn why this lottery drawing could be the hunt of a lifetime for any sportsman.

Are Taxpayers Supporting a Wolf Summit?

A wolf summit is being held at Yellowstone National Park in late June. Find out whether your tax dollars are supporting anti-hunting organizations.

Keystone Elk Country Alliance

Seeing a majestic Pennsylvania bull elk is an exciting event. A new program aims to bring the elk experience to schools and civic groups. Find out how you can sign up.