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You Can’t Beat This Bugle

If you are elk hunting, a bugle tube can be your best friend. This easy-to-use call has the flexibility to interchange multiple replacement reeds for the desired elk sounds.

Bull Elk At Two Yards [VIDEO]

Bull elk can walk right up on a hunter. That's why it pays to be prepared at all times. Watch what happens when this hunter has a close encounter with a bull elk.

It’s a Big Year for Elk Antler Growth

Do you have an elk hunt booked for 2015? If so, start getting excited. Plenty of rain in spring and summer should mean larger antlers this fall.

Plan Now for the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation Christmas Expo

The RMEF Convention is a great place to book a hunt and have great family fun. Make your plans now; here's what you need to know.

Win an $18K Colorado Elk Hunt with Guide and Gear [VIDEO]

If you haven't drawn an elk tag in Colorado this fall, it's not to late to make it happen. This contest can net you the hunt of a lifetime; check out the details!

3 Reasons to Plan Next Year’s Elk Hunt Now

Plan now for next year's elk hunt at the RMEF Convention in Las Vegas, coming this December.

Elk Hunters Face Off in the World Series

Both managers of the World Series teams are avid elk hunters. One man knows both hunters well and offers his unique perspective on the pair.

Make It a Rogue Elk Hunt

We field-test the Nissan Rogue on a hunting trip in the mountains of Wyoming. How does this vehicle stand up? Read our full report.

When Hunting Elk, Make Some Noise

Elk are normally noisy animals, so creating realistic, natural-movement sounds can boost your success. Gain some insight into this valuable hunting strategy.

ScentBlocker’s Guide to a DIY Elk Hunt

With elk season upon us, here's a brief but valuable guide for DIY elk hunters.