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Idaho launches a hunter-friendly ten-year elk management program. With an abundance of tags, hunters can plan on a great adventure. Get all the details.

Tag along on an awesome Wyoming elk hunt. This great video will motivate you while teaching you the hunting skills you need to succeed.

Find out how to claim your spot as Oklahoma announces that elk hunting will be available state wide for residents and non-residents alike.

HAVA organized an elk hunt for eight wounded veterans in the high country of New Mexico. Read the full report.

Watch almost any football game and you'll see a fatigued player head for the sidelines for a burst of oxygen to restore his energy...

Elk hunting isn't just a great adventure; for many it's an insatiable lifestyle. That's why the decision by the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation to...

As a parade of camo-clad men boarded the short flight from Denver to Hayden, Colorado, a woman sat in the seat next to me...

Many hunters employ spot-and-stalk tactics for elk, but on public land you may reap more rewards by staying still, silent, and secluded. I recently...

Elk hunting is full-out adventure, and healthy populations of animals in most Western states make this quest a must-do in any hunter's life. Most...

Elk season is upon us, and if you're lucky (or determined) enough to be hunting this year, you know the physical challenge ahead of...