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Watch as this hunter takes down a big bull elk from 1,020 yards.

If you’ve ever wanted an up-close look at an elk capture, here’s your chance. Thanks to the New Mexico Game and Fish, and their trusty GoPro cameras, we get a front row seat during their 2012 helicopter elk capture.

Check out this California tule elk hunt as it comes to a dramatic conclusion with a perfect kill shot.

Love to elk hunt? So do we. And here’s our top ten favorite places to kill an elk in the U.S.

“Wait for it…wait for it…wait for it…Now!” Talk about an epic elk shot. You have to see this video to believe it.

Plan now for next year's elk hunt at the RMEF Convention in Las Vegas, coming this December.

Flying with a herd of elk looks like one of the most awesome experiences ever.

Both managers of the World Series teams are avid elk hunters. One man knows both hunters well and offers his unique perspective on the pair.

We field-test the Nissan Rogue on a hunting trip in the mountains of Wyoming. How does this vehicle stand up? Read our full report.

Elk are normally noisy animals, so creating realistic, natural-movement sounds can boost your success. Gain some insight into this valuable hunting strategy.