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Would You Shoot a Fighting Bull? [VIDEO]

Is shooting a bull that's fighting with another bull crossing ethical boundaries?

Call Elk Like a Boss

This may just be the elk call you've been waiting for.

Bull Elk Tag Drawing to Support Youth Archery

Would you rather draw an elk tag for a monster bull or help introduce young people to the exciting sport of archery? Heck, do both! Here's a great raffle for an important cause.

What You Need to Succeed as an Elk Hunter

We reveal an expert's top three reasons for elk hunting success.

How to Prepare for Archery Elk Season

If you’re lucky enough to have an archery elk tag this fall, it’s time to get yourself and your bow in shooting shape! Here's what you need to do now to prep for elk season.

Get In Shape for Elk Season

If you plan on elk hunting this fall, you had better be in shape. Here's a plan to get you prepared.

Fish and Game Officers Bust Would-be Poachers [VIDEO]

Watch how Fish & Game officials catch poachers.

Perfect Bowhunting Kill Shot on a Bull Elk [VIDEO]

Check out this perfect kill shot on a bull elk.

13-Year Old Boy Arrows Bull Elk in Chest [VIDEO]

A bull elk is shot with an arrow by a 13-year-old hunter. It takes the tough beast a while to go down in this spellbinding video.

Gut Bag Explodes All Over Nauseated Elk Hunter [VIDEO]

Watch the moment when a gut bag explodes all over an elk hunter. Guaranteed he'll never make that mistake again.