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Hard-Hitting Bowhunting Elk Shots [VIDEO]

Watch as archers release 20 arrows at close range in this elk-hunting extravaganza.

Elk Hunter Waits for the Perfect Moment [VIDEO]

Here's an exciting elk take that required great patience. When would you have taken the shot?

Hunting Oregon’s Roosevelt Elk [VIDEO]

Hunting with buddies is great fun and more productive. Watch this group as they go out in search of the largest of the four remaining North American elk subspecies.

Bull Elk Charges Hunter [VIDEO]

Watch the moment when a bull elk charges straight at its hunter; it's all caught on video.

How to Call Elk Early in the Season [VIDEO]

See how to call the big bulls that can be successfully coaxed during the first few weeks of elk season.

Here’s Your Chance to Hunt Monster Bull Elk in Pennsylvania

Here's the place to win the elk hunt of a lifetime.

Wyoming Bull Elk Taken with Crossbow [VIDEO]

A trophy bull elk is taken with a crossbow on an exciting Wyoming hunt.

Would You Shoot a Fighting Bull? [VIDEO]

Is shooting a bull that's fighting with another bull crossing ethical boundaries?

Call Elk Like a Boss

This may just be the elk call you've been waiting for.

Bull Elk Tag Drawing to Support Youth Archery

Would you rather draw an elk tag for a monster bull or help introduce young people to the exciting sport of archery? Heck, do both! Here's a great raffle for an important cause.