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Elephant Attacks and Kills Resting Buffalo

A female elephant protects her family from a resting buffalo. What was captured on film is amazing.

Elephant Stabs and Kills Buffalo [VIDEO]

Here's why you don't cheese-off an elephant, even if you're as big as a buffalo. Watch as the grey behemoth stabs and kills his enemy with just his tusks.

The Elephant Trophy Ban and Why You Should Care

Find out why those who lump poachers and hunters into one camp are hurting the animals to seek to protect.

Global Summit to Stop Wildlife Crime

As wildlife crime increases around the world, hunters gather at a world summit in Milan Italy to take action.

Top 12 Taxidermy Displays at SCI

The Safari Club International convention in Las Vegas is the best celebration of hunting in the world. Sure, it's a great place to meet...

Poacher Pancake: Elephant Tramples Wildlife Criminal

Some creatures are well capable of protecting themselves, as one hapless poacher is about to find out.