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Can EHD Be Prevented?

This critical information could help deer hunters reduce the risk or severity of EHD and bluetongue outbreaks.

3 New Cases of Chronic Wasting Disease Detected In Virginia Deer

For decades hunters have taken their abundant whitetail deer herds for granted. New outbreaks of diseases may put an end to those glory days. Get the full story.

Coyote Predation and the Tsavo Effect

Whitetail deer populations face a double-whammy of EHD disease and coyote predation of fawns.

EHD and Bluetongue Have Minimal Effect on Deer in 2014

Good news: Deer deaths from disease have fallen in 2014. Learn what's behind the recovery.

Your Deer Are Dying

Sickening, nausiating, dishartening... Walk a stream or visit a pond in an area hit by deer disease and you'll feel this way, maybe worse. ...