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The 10 Commandments of Public-Land Duck Hunting

Follow these 10 rules to make waterfowling on public hunting areas a more enjoyable experience.

This Could Be the Biggest Duck Season Ever

Get ready for one hell of a duck season: This year's mallard breeding population of 11.6 million birds was a record, eclipsing the previous all-time high of 11.2 million birds set in 1958.

8 Great Teal-Hunting Tips

Blue-winged teal are such an incredible hunting target that most sporting clay ranges offer a station dedicated to the challenge. Aside from their beautiful plumage,...

Fall Waterfowl Forecast: It’s Raining Ducks

Good news: The prolific rain of the Midwest and East has been, to use the expression, "a great day for ducks." The forecast for waterfowl...